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SFU Students Confront 30% Tuition Hike

By Stephen Hui, The Peak BURNABY, B.C. (CUP) — Tempers flared and cries of “shame” filled the room as Simon Fraser University’s board of governors approved a 30 per cent hike in tuition fees – the second such increase in as many years. Almost 100 students attended the April 3 meeting, which also saw the… Read more »


CFS National Chair speaks out against tuition hike Published: Fri-28-Feb-2003 By Lindsay Harding, The Muse ST. JOHN’S, NFLD. (CUP) — Three weeks after Memorial University approved a 33 per cent tuition hike for international students, student union leaders say they are solidifying plans to have the decision revisited and overturned. University spokesperson Peter Morris says… Read more »


By George Lister, The Argus THUNDER BAY, ONT. (CUP)“?At first glance this seems like an odd time of year to write about buying a computer since most people, not just students, do that in September. The first reason for doing it now is that there are usually other stories to tell when school kicks off,… Read more »

UBC tuition increase pushed through

30 per cent tuition increase passes despite heavy student opposition Published: Thu-30-Jan-2003 By Kathleen Deering, Ubyssey VANCOUVER (CUP) — This year’s round of tuition consultations is over, as the University of British Colombia’s Board of Governors (BoG) passed the 2003-04 tuition proposal early yesterday morning”?despite many concerns voiced by students over the last several months…. Read more »

B.C. universities take different approaches toward softening the blow of rising tuition.

School’s spending beyond their means says UBC official Published: Mon-13-Jan-2003 By Kevin Groves, British Columbia Bureau VANCOUVER (CUP) — At least one B.C. university made its leaders open to debate about tuition earlier this month as plans continue to add another 30 per cent increase onto B.C.’s post-secondary students this semester. In a recent public… Read more »

U of A students occupy President’s office

Local media quizzed protestor Marika Schwandt over the office occupation. (Photo: Matt Frehner) President agrees to meet with students and discuss tuition increases Published: Wed-15-Jan-2003 By Shawn Hildebrandt, Gateway CUP Contribution EDMONTON (CUP) — More than 20 protestors crowded into University President Rod Fraser’s office in a peaceful occupation last Friday to protest proposed fee… Read more »

Survey Finds Canadian Teens Having More Sex at a Younger Age! By Marshall Bellamy, UWO Gazette

(Graphic from LONDON, ONT. (CUP) — The results are in, Quebec loves love and more 14-year-olds are getting laid. Durex Canada recently released a survey revealing sexuality trends among Canadian youth. The poll surveyed 2,000 people nationally between the ages of 18 to 29, said Barbara Case, senior consultant of Decima Research, the company… Read more »

Barlow condemns corporate threat. Activist warns future trade agreements will gobble up public services still untouched by market. By Mimi Luse, The McGill Daily

MONTREAL (CUP) — “Keep your hands off our healthcare, our education, our water,” said Canadian activist and author Maude Barlow’s to multinational corporations Friday at McGill University. Barlow, speaking at the “Directing the Winds of Change: Educational Perspectives on Globalization” conference, attacked the increase in privatization of the “commons” or public services, which she says… Read more »