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Technical Observations – On Safari

After our interlude, we now return to our series on internet browsers. This week we will focus in on the Apple environment’s biggest internet browsing software package: Safari. This browser Initially making its debut in June of 2003, the Safari browser (originally delivered as, believe it or not, an optional download from Apple) was an… Read more »

Technical Observations – Interlude

I am going to digress from our series on browsers and get into something a little more practical. As AU students, we probably rely on technology more than other university students. So it becomes crucial that our school files are properly backed up and ready in an instant if the need arises. I have heard… Read more »

Technical Obersvations – Firefox: A Browser by Mozilla

The second browser in our series, Firefox, is made by the Mozilla Corporation: a company devoted to making high quality open-source products. Mozilla first released Firefox (then called “Phoenix”), fourteen years ago, in September of 2002. It is currently sitting at version 53.0, having been updated for the public late last month. Firefox has about… Read more »

Technical Observations – Chrome, A Browser by Google

I am sure most of you know about Google Chrome. In its 57th version for public use, and published in 2008 as a direct attack on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominant market share, Chrome was an instant hit to businesses and consumers alike. (Chrome is actually in its 59th version, however this is for developers. There… Read more »

Technical Observations – Overview of Browsers

Many people think that C. S. Lewis’ “Woods Between the Worlds”, Alice’s rabbit hole, the trans-warp conduits of Star Wars, and the Iconian gateways of Star Trek are harmless children’s fables. Little do they realize that they initiate a similar experience when opening their browser and enabling instant access to over 4.45 billion pages of… Read more »