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Deanna Roney

I live in a small town in central BC with my husband and my dogs. I love to get outside whether that is hiking, kayaking, taking the dogs for a walk, or spey fishing for steelhead. I have had the privilege to complete several backpacking trips from the historic gold rush Chilkoot trail in the north, the Brazeau Loop, to the West Coast Trail and many in between. I have also made the trip around the Bowron Lakes circuit a couple times and fully intend to go back.

When I am not escaping to the bush I am working as a Literary Intern, bookkeeper, social media advertising, and working on my own creative writing projects. I love learning about the publishing industry and the intricacies that work within it. I love working with agencies and being able to see the publishing world from their perspective. As might be assumed by now I am an avid bookworm and I am always working on building up my own collection. Some of my favourites include Suzanne by Anais Barbeau-Lavelette translated by Rhonda Mullins, Ru by Kim Thuy, The Vegetarian by Han Kang, and I could go on.

The Goal Too Far

Recently there was a post on the Athabasca University Facebook page questioning the graduation policies?specifically, when the course work needed to be completed in order to participate in the convocation ceremonies in June. (That would be the first week of May according to the AU website.) As a distance education student I am sure the… Read more »

Tutor Tales

Everyone has their own stories when it comes to the tutors who help us, or hinder us, as we work toward our goals. My goal is to graduate with a BA in English, and, in my pursuit, I have had my share of tutors. Some have been amazing, some have left much to be desired,… Read more »

Success Secrets

What are the skills you need to be successful? What are the secrets to success? When it comes to distance learning these are questions we have all undoubtedly asked ourselves as well as other Athabasca University students. There really is no right answer. You will find your own tricks, your own secrets, and your own… Read more »