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From My Perspective

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned a great deal about addictive substances and addictions. It is a complex and multi-dimensional topic, and people hold many misconceptions about not only the process of addiction, but about the types of people who are addicts. Many people see addiction as a weakness, a character flaw in a… Read more »

From My Perspective

Last issue I began discussing an issue of concern for my family, my neighbourhood and myself. In a neighbourhood-organized rally, I was protesting the opening of a Source Adult Video store at the end of my street. Not only does this store rent adult videos, it sells sex toys, gifts, clothing and magazines. It is… Read more »

From My Perspective

Standing on the street with a protest sign is a new experience for me. The closest I’ve come is during high school when I participated in a sit-in to protest administration rules against wearing shorts to class in summer. We were sent back to class and the no-shorts rule remained. Although at the time we… Read more »

From My Perspective

Over the past few weeks a debate has been occurring in Edmonton regarding student bus passes. The University of Alberta Students’ Union, together with the Grant McEwan Community College and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology student unions have been negotiating a flat rate bus pass for students with Edmonton Transit. Currently, post-secondary students pay $50… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

The last few months have been very busy for Council members. The new group of 9 councillors met for the first time on March 16, and a variety of projects have been ongoing since then. Some of the highlights of the last few months: · New Council spent two days attending a board development workshop… Read more »

From My Perspective

Starting a new job is exciting, but just a bit scary too. For me it means leaving something secure and familiar for a job that is new and challenging, one that requires implementation of a different and yet untried skill set. So I had mixed emotions when I was advised that I had been successful… Read more »

From My Perspective

As AU students, most of us are working towards a degree with the hope that we will find a new career, a job in a field that we enjoy, where our talents and abilities are utilized to the maximum. Many of us have experienced the daily grind of having to work at a job we… Read more »

From My Perspective – Smoking

The government of Alberta has introduced a hefty new tax on cigarettes and alcohol, and other provinces are following suit. The tax was implemented on cigarettes without warning, and when added to the November 2001 federal tax increase on tobacco products (1) brings the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Alberta to almost $8.00…. Read more »

From My Perspective – Remembering Teachers

Teachers have still not reached an agreement with the Government of Alberta, and are withdrawing many services to students as a result; for example: supervision of field trips, graduation events, concerts, etc. Regardless of how the situation is eventually resolved, it is certain that for many students the effects of this year will have a… Read more »


I had the privilege tonight of finally hearing Mercedes Sosa live at a concert at the Winspear Centre. I’ve been a fan for years; not only of her music, but also of how she has represented the hopeful struggles of the people of Argentina towards democratic freedom. The passion in her voice transcends language, and… Read more »