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Diane L. M. Cook

Volunteers: Benefit or Burden?

Societies are made up of people and people help people. If it weren’t for volunteers, many a community wouldn’t be what it is today. But like everything else in life, times change and so do volunteers. Volunteers used to be considered the biggest benefit to an organization or a community but now, sometimes volunteers can… Read more »

The “Super Size-it” Society FROM JUNE 5, 2002

Society’s ever-increasing need to “super size” everything is perpetuating greediness. Do we really need everything to be super sized? What was wrong with the old size? Who told the manufacturers to make everything bigger? The profit-driven companies of North America are making money from super sizing everything from fast food to vehicles to houses. If… Read more »

Some Reasons Why People Are Homeless

In a society as advanced as ours, you wouldn’t expect to see such high numbers of homeless people. Studies show there are common contributing factors explaining why people are homeless, but I believe the real reason why most people are homeless cannot be attributed to these factors. A large number of people are homeless by… Read more »

Are Today’s Conveniences Really Good For Us?

Earth has been around for about a few billion years now. Life progressed pretty slowly in that time and change was minimal over the centuries. That is, until, the 20th century! It’s been said there hasn’t been as much change on Earth in the last few billion years as there has been in the last… Read more »

A Writer’s Musings

As a writer, you become acutely aware of every little nuance in the English language. You can spot an error at 500 paces and certain things start to annoy you. Periodically, you notice a change in the English language. You’re not sure who made the change or why, but you either accept it or add… Read more »

E-Etiquette for University Students

Communicating with your university can entail sending a quick e-mail to Library Services to see if they have a book you need, or sending a lengthy e-mail to your tutor about a problem you are having with a course. Remember these simple rules of e-etiquette when communicating by e-mail. The Salutation – How to Address… Read more »