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Drew Kolohon

Writing music reviews for The Voice Magazine has been an absolute pleasure for Drew. Having a passion for music in all genres has helped Drew create reviews for all sorts of music. Currently finishing his BA in English, Drew enjoys writing, reading and playing sports.

Music Review—Bree Taylor

Single: “The Feeling” Artist: Bree Taylor Earlier this year, Toronto born Bree Taylor released her single “The Feeling” that will be on her upcoming EP this summer.  Bree’s voice has an amazing cadence that pierces through the electric beats underlining this song.  Sometimes with pop songs, you’ll find the singers voice can be drowned out… Read more »

Music Review—Todd O’Keefe

Album: Salvador Artist: Todd O’Keefe On February 5th, Todd O’Keefe released his latest album, Salvador.  Nailing down a genre for O’Keefe is challenging.  Using experience based on a past in the music industry and the amount of talent he has worked with, Todd has created a sound all his own.  With guitar stylings similar to… Read more »

Music Review—Emily Rockarts

With the release of her single “Inventor”, going on The Reason and Romance tour, and performing in upcoming shows in Halifax, Emily Rockarts has been having a busy year.  Emily sings lead vocals in the folk/indie band of the same name, which also includes Dan Rougeau (guitar), Soren Nissen (bass), and Ian Wright (drums).  This… Read more »

Music Review—D.O.A.

Artist: D.O.A. Tour: Canadian Fight Back Tour Coming from their summer tour that took them across Europe and Asia, D.O.A. are right back at it for their Canadian Fight Back Tour.  D.O.A.  have never been shy when it comes to political issues, and nothing has changed in the face of the current political environment.  The… Read more »

Music Review—Non-Places

On September 30th of this year Daniel Barbiero and Cristiano Bocci released their album Non-places.  Barbiero has composed music that has been performed by orchestras such as The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra and the Greek ensemble.  Bocci has also had a storied music career, starting with guitar and bass and moving to the Theremin and… Read more »

Music Review – Bliss n Eso

Following the release of their album Off the Grid, the Australian hip hop group, Bliss n Eso, went on a fifteen show Canadian tour.  Starting in Victoria, BC, and ending in Toronto, ON, Bliss n Eso showed off their new album as well as their older hits.  MC Bliss, MC Eso, and DJ Izm make… Read more »

Music Review – Bad Mary – Glitter Bomb

Artist: Bad Mary EP: Glitter Bomb On September 29, Bad Mary are dropping their new EP, Glitter Bomb. Based out of Long Island, New York, this four-piece punk band has given us a treat with their new EP. Bad Mary consists of Amanda Mac on vocals, Mike Staub on bass and vocals, Bill Mac on… Read more »

Music Review – The Sylvia Platters

Artist: The Sylvia Platters EP: Melt The Sylvia Platters, a four-piece, shoegaze/power pop band from BC, dropped their five song EP, Melt on June 23rd. The Sylvia Platters consist of Nick Ubels on vocals/guitar and Tim Ubels on drums/vocals. With the addition of Alex Kerc-Murchison on guitar and Scott Wagner on bass, this slacker rock… Read more »

Music Review – Bat House

Artist: Bat House Album: Bat House Bat House, a Boston based psych/math rock quartet has started off strong with their self-titled debut album. Featuring Emmet Hayes as bassist and vocalist, Ally Juleen and Shane Blank as guitarists and Pompy as drummer. Bat House uses strong synth elements to create deep, and sometimes eerie, soundscapes, while… Read more »

Music Review – The Sole Pursuit

Artist: The Sole Pursuit Album: Flower City After Dusk Ontario based rock band, The Sole Pursuit, pours their heart and soul into their album Flower City After Dusk. Written by Kyle Dawe, the lead vocalist, it focuses on the experience that he had living in the suburbs of Brampton. Kyle isn’t the only creative force… Read more »