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Stephen Harper and the Dismantling of Canada, Bit-by-Bit

Well, it’s a week or so apres-election and the world hasn’t come to an end with the handing of the mandate to the Harper Conservatives. Most of the political commentary that I’ve heard, in fact, is painting the election outcome as amongst the best of all possible worlds. The Conservative minority is not too strong,… Read more »

Here’s to the Rest of Us

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: having money does make you happier. Anyone who says otherwise is foolish, deluded, or rich. Of course, money buys happiness. How could it be otherwise? Consider which set of options you would rather be faced with: deciding whether it would be better to drive the Audi… Read more »

‘Tis the Season to Be Paranoid

With barely a handful of twenty-four-hour shopping days remaining until the big Extravaganza of Greed arrives on December 25th, the pressure to go out and spend unimaginable amounts of money in order to stave off vague feelings of advertiser-induced guilt is mounting on an hourly basis. From the celestial electronic ether, the angelic chorus is… Read more »

Behind Closed Doors (Words That Mean Dis-ease)

1) Suspicion The police have set a road block up at the end of the street, and they’re going door to door asking questions. I saw the man who just moved into number 38b looking through a gap in his living room curtains. Two nights ago they found human remains in a garbage container on… Read more »

Where I Am

Last week I caught that woman in Accounts, the one with the alcoholic husband and the kid who’s always wiping his nose on his sleeve, I caught her stealing a bag of coffee from the staff room. I reported her to human resources, of course, and they gave her the sack. Things aren’t so great… Read more »

A Woman Died on the Streets This Morning

Susan: I was late for work that morning, rushing from Starbucks across six lanes of early morning commuter traffic to get to the office. There she was, lying on the sidewalk. I thought perhaps she was passed out from the drink. You get so many of them in this part of town, you see. I… Read more »

The Choices We Make

Every once in awhile life presents you with some thorny and apparently unresolvable dilemma. Last night, for instance, I sitting in front of my television set watching Friday Night Without Borders and wondering whether I should do a little reading for some English course I’m taking in order to keep qualifying for student loans, or… Read more »

Reefer Madness

So Marc Emery, leader of the B.C. based Marijuana Party has been arrested by Vancouver RCMP. at the request of U.S. law enforcement. According to the CBC’s website (, the self-styled “Prince of Pot,” a tireless political activist in the cause of reforming North America’s draconian marijuana laws, was arrested in Halifax, N.S. Simultaneously, his… Read more »

The Power of One

It’s the power of the smallest candle in the darkness of a cave. It’s the power of recognizing a lie for what it is, no matter how many people repeat it, or how often, or how loudly. It’s the power of whistling in the graveyard, of laughter when you’re lost in the woods, of singing… Read more »

Name / Brand

So this guy tells me I can make a hundred and fifty bucks just by having a corporate logo tattooed across my forehead. He has a nice Italian suit and a crocodile skin briefcase. He says I don’t have to fill out an employment application, no need for a reference check, I don’t have to… Read more »