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Elisa Neven-Pugh

I have cerebral palsy quadriplegia. Which means that, while I can feel my arms and legs, I cannot use them. Hence the motorized wheelchair in the picture attached to this article. If you just felt sorry for me, thank you for your compassion, but my personal life is wonderful. I have a great family, wonderful opportunities, and a deep faith, a more biographical sketch can be found in an earlier edition of the Minds We Meet column.

My True Love In My Soul

A couple months ago I wrote to my family and friends saying that, using my paternal grandmothers wedding ring, I was making a commitment to give my heart to my God.  Saying that if I was going to have a romantic relationship I was going to wait until seminary school.  A couple weeks following this,… Read more »

It’s Personal

I was a very sensitive and caring child.  So much so that “don’t take things so personally” became a daily reminder from my parents.  There’s one thing I can’t seem to let go though, and that’s that many of the people I know in wheelchairs are being euthanized in their soul.  Euthanized because discrimination against… Read more »

Buckling In

I have come to the realization that I am at a place where I can be honest about my disability.  However, this is easier said than done.  Not only because being honest about social and perceptive barriers is emotionally and psychologically painful; it is also extremely difficult to openly state that I am happy with… Read more »

Why Am I Here and What’s My Purpose?

Before I begin, I want to reassure that this introduction, and any following articles, will not ask you to ponder existentialism.  This article, on the other hand, is more of a critical self-reflection than an introduction.  Meaning that I want to explore with you my motives and purposes for joining The Voice Magazine as a… Read more »