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Turing the Pages:

I went to the library this week, with a mind to try something new. These forays into new territory are always fraught with anticipation and sometimes disappointment. My reaction to this week’s selection was, shall we say, mixed. Phyllis A. Whitney is a renowned author well-loved by many. She has been the President of the… Read more »

Turing the Pages:

I made a foray into a children’s book this week, which I highly recommend doing once in a while. If you have kids, it’s nice to get ideas for new books for them to try. If you don’t, you’ll be surprised by some of the quality literature written for kids. We can all learn something… Read more »

Turning the Pages

I love science fiction. In particular, I really enjoy the works of Spider Robinson, an American author who has lived a long time in Canada. In fact, he lives here in British Columbia, fairly close to my house. This week’s selection is his newest work entitled Very Bad Deaths. More a mystery novel or even… Read more »

Turning the Pages

This week, I’ve managed to read a biography! This hardly ever happens, unless someone suggests a good one. This particular autobiography was written twenty years ago, but it’s worth a read. Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988) was a famous physicist who lived a very interesting life. The autobiography is full of anecdotes about his life, from… Read more »

Turning The Pages

This week I’m continuing with last time’s Canadian author theme, but I’ll try to branch out a bit in future! FOREIGNER, BY ROBERT J. SAWYER The latest re-release by Robert J. Sawyer, Canada’s only full-time, lifelong Canadian science-fiction author, is another thoroughly enjoyable read. Foreigner is the third (and final!) book in Sawyer’s Quintaglio Ascension… Read more »


I have two book reviews to share today. Both books happen to be written by Canadians, interestingly enough. WORD NERDS UNITE! I am a self-described word-nerd. I love words and language. My number one favourite hobby is reading. I’m functionally fluent in three languages and have picked up a few words in at least seven… Read more »