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Emily Viggiani

Emily Viggiani is a student of Political-Science and History as a double-major. She is from Pickering, Ontario, but goes to Toronto every chance she gets to explore the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the films at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. She is also a fierce advocate for the rainforests and people with disabilities.

Confessions of a Former Omnivore

Even as a vegetarian, I did not see myself going vegan.  I’m Italian-Canadian, culturally.  I was used to the charcuterie boards for most of my life, and I thought it wasn’t Italian to stop eating cheese.  And I am obsessed with carne asada tacos. Also, I’ve inherited Thalassemia, a hereditary type of anemia.  I struggle… Read more »

Should you Learn a Foreign Language?

Canada is a bilingual country, officially.  The numbers of bilingual or multilingual people are increasing in Canada as the world becomes more globalized.  There are 920 million native Mandarin speakers, 463 million native Spanish speakers, and 342 million native Hindi speakers in the world.  These are typically cited as the most international, or useful, languages… Read more »