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Faye Lilley

Faye is a writer, literature nerd, and TV addict who rarely sets foot in the real world. Thanks to AU, she is overcoming health-related obstacles and pursuing her lifelong dream of an English degree.

Where to Begin with Classic Literature—Black Authors

As Black History Month draws to a close, let me add my voice to those who are saying, “Don’t just read Black authors in February.  Keep reading Black authors all year!” With that goal in mind, and because I am obsessed with classic literature and want to encourage everyone to read as many classics as… Read more »

Where to Begin with Classic Literature—In Translation

Last month, I wrote an article recommending seven classics by British authors as good places to start reading classic literature.  Don’t worry; there won’t be an exam!  I do hope you felt inspired to pick up one or two of those wonderful novels and enjoy them. Now here are seven classics not originally written in… Read more »

Where to Begin with Classic Literature—The Brits

I read a lot of classic literature.  I’ve been obsessed with it since I was a kid, and it’s the main reason I’m here at Athabasca University pursuing an English degree.  So, as an obsessive reader of classic literature who is pursuing an English degree, there is one question I hear more than any other,… Read more »

Perfect Summer Binges

Summer is finally here, and you know what that means; it’s time for fun in the sun! Until it rains.  Or until the mosquitoes start eating you alive.  Or until your sunburn gets so painful you can’t move.  Let’s face it, sometimes the outdoors is not so great. And that’s when it hits you—your Netflix… Read more »