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The Learning Curve – Favourite Campgrounds

we’re in the middle of preparing for summer, which means putting the hockey equipment and sleds in the crawl space and giving our camping equipment a good airing before the season of mosquitoes and construction really start to ramp up. When camping season starts, we fish, play on the beach, go for hikes, cook our… Read more »

The Learning Curve – Right on Schedule

I have recently entered my third term with Athabasca University, and trust me, the road has been bumpy. It’s also been fast-paced, similar to the Zipper ride at the fair my daughter convinced me to ride with her. After standing in line for an hour with her in the sun, the term ?show no fear?… Read more »

The Learning Curve – Planning for Adventure

I only receive 80 per cent of my pay. By choice! Let me give you some background. Three years ago I moved to Kenora, Ontario, when I accepted my new job as a Systems Administrator. As I got used to the fast pace of my new position, I also began getting used to the slower… Read more »