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Lauren’s Eyes, by Norah Wilson – Book Review

I make my home in Fredericton, New Brunswick–land of beautiful trees and walking trails, and birthplace of Walter the Farting Dog (see John Buhler’s review in v12 i35). My experience of Alberta is limited to two family weddings, and a fast-paced week at the Calgary Stampede. I’ve visited the Rockies, and canoed Lake Louise. And… Read more »

Holiday Fiction Feature – Scully and the Lord

“The cupboard’s empty, Lord.” So often Scully and his wife had spoken the words throughout their lifetime together. Now, bitterly, he recalled the familiar prayer. The cupboard’s empty, Lord. Scully and Bethie had knelt together and spoken it the very afternoon before she died. The Lord had filled the cupboard – Scully’s railway pension cheque… Read more »

Writing Contest Honourary Mention – Stick

I was happy when Mother told me she was marrying Mr. Cooper, and that we were moving to his farm. He was such a nice man. He always brought candy to the Easter parade, and not just the cheap stuff either. He gave me five dollars on my last birthday. Everyone thought Mr. Cooper was… Read more »