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Why Marry At All?

My mother has been married three times; every time it has ended badly. I have seen her move repeatedly through stages that are now predictable to me: from excitement and giddiness at meeting someone new, to the desire to be free of a life that restricts her movements like a too-tight skirt. She is now… Read more »

Classifying Patrick

My friend Patrick is not a child: he is thirty-four years old. He has a small but spotless apartment, a Siamese cat, and a job that he loves. He pays taxes, volunteers at the Humane Society, and wouldn’t think of littering. His friends are diverse and fascinating, and he has plans with them nearly every… Read more »

Crossing A Book

Since the advent of radio, books have seemed in danger of obsolescence. First radio plays, then television, and finally the Internet, have all presented both fact and fiction in an engaging, lively manner with which some feared books could not compete. However, to those who love the printed page, these media are nothing more than… Read more »