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Jaclyn van Beek

Jaclyn van Beek is a born-and-raised Albertan, a proud wife and mother, and a card-carrying information junkie. She is currently earning a degree in Political Science from AU. She is a political commentator (in-training) and writes primarily about North American politics, current events and political philosophy.
When she’s not reading, studying or drowning in endless episodes of Paw Patrol, you can find Jaclyn engaging in altogether too much online shopping, crafting specialty coffee drinks (but never drinking them) and listening to podcasts about psychology and politics on both sides of the aisle.
Jaclyn currently lives in Edmonton, AB with her husband and two sons. You can follow her on Twitter @jaclynvanbeek and here at The Voice Magazine, where she pens a regular column called The Citizen.

University: Teaching or Indoctrinating

University students, why are you pursuing a higher education?  For most of us, the answer is simple:  we want to gain the skills required to get good jobs in our chosen fields of expertise.  We go to school so we can reach our full potential and achieve our goals.  Since we’ve been sentient, we’ve been… Read more »