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Are we just passing courses?

Europeans say that Americans (and by that they mean the whole continent of America) are less intelligent than Europeans are. They deduce this from the fact that Americans don’t have as much difficulty studying as Europeans do. American students are considered less active in the schooling process; their participation in studies Europeans perceive as partying,… Read more »

Health Studies: A Journey Through My Past

Like many other students, I intend to complete my studies and earn a degree. To accomplish that I am challenged to choose among many the art courses which represent my major. Because my major requires some science courses as well, I have recently decided to try one of them. Health studies has entered my everyday… Read more »

American Stereotypes and Reality

It has been several years since my arrival in the United States from Slovakia. Despite leaving my beloved at home, I have assimilated pretty quickly and without any emotional problems. After all, I didn’t have a reason for not being satisfied with the conditions awaiting me. I was eager to get to know the Americans,… Read more »

Education – From Communism To Free Enterprise

I have claimed for many years that there’s no better way to succeed in learning or teaching a foreign language, than to visit foreign countries and live abroad for a while. The best way to learn, is to live in a country where the language in question is the native one. And now, I have… Read more »