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Jason Sullivan

Even erudite flies get smashed now and then for sounding too ‘school smart’. As one of many AU students not immersed in an academic social sphere, Jason’s ‘Fly on the Wall’ column seeks to aid and abet the success of others in his cohort. We won’t always be understood when we speak of what we are learning in school but we can rest assured that our education still has value.

His lighthearted approach to sociological philosophy stems from conducting field research at bush parties and working his day job reforesting the mountains of BC. Born in the city of Vancouver and raised on a farm in the Fraser Valley and an orchard in the Okanagan, he attained a diploma in Horticulture in the Creston Valley and then returned to school as a Sociology major. Today’s he’s an AU Master’s of Integrated Studies student who spends his spare time enjoying nature walks, snorkeling and reading whatever philosophical and sociological tracts capture his fancy.

Jason is fascinated with the micro-sociological thoughts and interactions that frame and demarcate our experience of daily life as well as the philosophical realm considering essential questions about what it is to be a human. It’s dense brush but Jason seeks answers where murkiness holds sway.

A Few Theoretical Influences: Louis Althusser, Isaac Asimov, Jean Baudrillard, Simone de Beauvoir, Aime Cesaire, Carol Clover, John Cummings, Kurt Cobain, Jacques Derrida, Emile Durkheim, Michel Foucault, Erving Goffman, Antonio Gramsci, Martin Heidegger, Thomas Hobbes, Agnes Martin, Karl Marx, Georg Simmel, Max Weber

The Fly on the Wall—Handmaidens of Untruth

Fwap, splash, fwap! Imagine a dream where you are ambushed and smacked across the face with a sopping filthy mop.  Why this assault, and from who? A few feet away leers a dour figure.  It’s the janitor of the building.  What does s/he want from you? The answer is spat out in syllables at once… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—”No Exit” from Sartre to AU

“How is school going?” For students the world over, that question often invokes feelings of stress and anxiety about interactions with classmates.  It’s been that way since the first cave family sent their kids down the mountain to an educational quarry.  Essay deadlines and academic struggles are unavoidable if we are to succeed in university… Read more »

The Fly on the Wall – Possessed by Language!

A nightmare scene: our vibrant student minds reduced to a brainless blob! Who cast this malevolent spell? Perhaps it was nefarious alchemy wrought by the linguist Ferdinand de Saussure who stated with slitting simplicity that, prior to language, “thought is merely a vague shapeless mass” (de Saussure in Allan, 316).  Language possesses us and subjects… Read more »

Fly on the Wall – How Will we Remember Us?

Who hasn’t heard the phrase ’well-behaved women seldom make history’? Far fewer of us know who coined the phrase: Laurel Satchel Ulrich in 1976. In her academic research she studied obituaries of ordinary women “who lived and labored in silent obscurity” and realized that the ones who became known and notorious were those who challenged… Read more »

Fly on the Wall – Perceptive as a Bat, Blind as a Human

On dusky, late-summer nights bats flit and flicker by in what appears to be playful pursuit of insect prey. I marvel at how it might feel to actually be what, in German, is known as a fledermaus (Reverso-Softissimo, online). As a flying mouse, I’d traverse the starry night’s buffet and dance aloft with my nocturnal… Read more »

Fly on the Wall – What is Your Education Worth?

We’ve all been there: a hand brushes a hand for an instant, eyes lock furtively and flit away, nostrils catch a scent of an other. Momentary intersections and exchanges form much of our human experience. Wordless yet memorable, these ineffable intersections range play a crucial role in interactions, ranging from romantic coquetry to professional body… Read more »

Fly on the Wall – The Few, the Proud, the Essence of AU

[t]../articles/images/2323-Fly-web.jpg[et]What elements compose your essence? Beyond essential oils and soaps from a farmer’s market, colognes and perfumes from a pharmacy, and the distinctive aroma attained from a weekend camping, the philosophical concept of essence has been discussed for as long as education has existed. Academies in ancient Greece held philosophy in high regard. Those such as… Read more »

Fly on the Wall – Brick & Mortar Domestication

Studying on a summer day is not everyone’s glass of ice tea. We at AU may be elite at managing our time, but July heat can drive a wall between our studious desires to further our education and our carnal drives to go out and play. At such moments, It’s helpful to reflect on the… Read more »

The Fly on the Wall – The Muchness of Many

I like to think that at AU we learn critical thinking such that almost anything may be seen in a new light; our engrained presuppositions about other people and our traditional interpretations about thingsbecome questionable. This ability to find new; or, what Gilles Deleuze referred to as minoritarian viewpoints is a sublime aspect of being… Read more »