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Even erudite flies get smashed now and then for sounding too ‘school smart’. As one of many AU students not immersed in an academic social sphere, Jason’s ‘Fly on the Wall’ column seeks to aid and abet the success of others in his cohort. We won’t always be understood when we speak of what we are learning in school but we can rest assured that our education still has value.

His lighthearted approach to sociological philosophy stems from conducting field research at bush parties and working his day job reforesting the mountains of BC. Born in the city of Vancouver and raised on a farm in the Fraser Valley and an orchard in the Okanagan, he attained a diploma in Horticulture in the Creston Valley and then returned to school as a Sociology major. Today’s he’s an AU Master’s of Integrated Studies student who spends his spare time enjoying nature walks, snorkeling and reading whatever philosophical and sociological tracts capture his fancy.

Jason is fascinated with the micro-sociological thoughts and interactions that frame and demarcate our experience of daily life as well as the philosophical realm considering essential questions about what it is to be a human. It’s dense brush but Jason seeks answers where murkiness holds sway.

A Few Theoretical Influences: Louis Althusser, Isaac Asimov, Jean Baudrillard, Simone de Beauvoir, Aime Cesaire, Carol Clover, John Cummings, Kurt Cobain, Jacques Derrida, Emile Durkheim, Michel Foucault, Erving Goffman, Antonio Gramsci, Martin Heidegger, Thomas Hobbes, Agnes Martin, Karl Marx, Georg Simmel, Max Weber

Eras in Education – India: Ancient Educational Practices, Part 1

It seems doubtful that any teacher in Canada would deny that an important aspect of education is to mould young people into well-rounded adults. A holistic approach combining practical with interpersonal knowledge is generally espoused by well-meaning educators as well as parents. Yet there are many contradictions because we tend to value production, consumption, and… Read more »

Eras in Education – Post-Colonial Morocco

Sunday School versus Weekday School: Parallel Church and State Developments in Post-Colonial Morocco For most students who grew up in Canada during the last few decades, school meant reading, writing, and math with a dose of socialization on the side. Some students, myself included, also had a ?bonus? morning of school as part of church… Read more »

Eras in Education – Muses and Modernity

This article originally appeared July 10, 2009, in issue 1727. Education has existed for as long as people have been raised by their elders. The idea of formal schooling goes back thousands of years, yet school as a mandatory part of growing up is a recent phenomenon. For instance, many of us know of or… Read more »

Eras in Education – O Tannenbaum: Sacrifice to the Selfish Collective or Representation of Shared Humanity?

The palpable excitement of winter holidays has warmed the hearts of students for many generations. Here in North America the majority of pupils have participated in Christmas traditions with varying degrees of religiosity. Surpassed only by the ubiquitous Santa Claus, the Christmas tree is one of the most emblematic symbols of winter break. Throughout the… Read more »