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Jeff Shermack

I live in Calgary and I am currently studying English at Athabasca. When I am not watching the most recent movie or playing a video game I write fiction and non-fiction in my spare time on a wide range of topics and interests. My key interests are literature, film, and video games. I am particularly interested in any form of storytelling that experiments with how the plot is represented through structure, form and style, and with how audiences connect and interact with the story itself.

Four Reasons Why Hiking is Terrible

Are you thinking about getting out to the mountains this year? Are you a frequent hiker? If so, this article is not for you.  Although, you may enjoy reading about my amateur hiking opinions, if only to disagree with them. If you’re an amateur hiker like myself, consider this your most recent warning.  If you’ve… Read more »

A Rant: Why the Canadian Census is Ridiculous

A cheery greeting is a gift that all euphoric morning people love to give, and a burden that all recently resurrected, shambling night people hate to receive.  As one of those somnambulists, I was not overly elated to hear, “just in time for me to fill out the census!” as I exited my bedroom one… Read more »

A Rant: Why Working from Home is Terrible

“The office is one thing, and private life is another.  When I go into the office, I leave the Castle behind me, and when I come into the Castle, I leave the office behind me.” (Dickens, 1861) Private life and work don’t mix.  Charles Dickens knew that 160 years ago and his words are still… Read more »

A Rant: The Five Best Burger Recipes

In Calgary during late March, Jack Frost turned his cold gaze upon us once more and blew a final frosty kiss goodbye.  Now that winter’s aftershocks are over, it’s time to greet the gods of flame.  Barbecue season is here again—.  also known as summer among sad vegetarians.  Strike a match over your charcoal grills… Read more »

A Rant: Everybody Should Try Dungeons & Dragons

Have you ever played the one-word story game? When I was much younger, my family and I would play it on long car trips.  The basic rules are that everybody tries to tell a story together, but you can only say one word at a time.  First you speak, then the next person, and the… Read more »

A Rant—The Apocalypse is Nothing to Worry About

The global health pandemic threatening everybody has certainly brought new challenges to life everywhere, but the threat of this plague is only the most recent factor in the pressure building toward a major cataclysm.  At least, that’s the way it feels for many of us right now.  When you combine the pandemic with the threats… Read more »

A Rant: “The Best Pizza in the City” Does Not Exist

I’m going to avoid naming any specific restaurants in this article because frankly I like pizza in any form, and I don’t want any pizza maestros reading this to decide that I might like it a little more with saliva added to the top. With that short disclaimer out of the way, let’s continue. Somewhere… Read more »

Athabasca University Should Consider Competitive Gaming

It’s often said that collegiate sports can build a strong community for schools and raise their home school’s esteem.  That increased recognition from a renowned athletics program can attract more students and provide opportunities for the school to generate more revenue. Sports teams are a common and traditional component to many Canadian universities that Athabasca… Read more »