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Jeff Shermack

I live in Calgary and I am currently studying English at Athabasca. When I am not watching the most recent movie or playing a video game I write fiction and non-fiction in my spare time on a wide range of topics and interests. My key interests are literature, film, and video games. I am particularly interested in any form of storytelling that experiments with how the plot is represented through structure, form and style, and with how audiences connect and interact with the story itself.

Athabasca University Should Consider Competitive Gaming.

It’s often said that collegiate sports can build a strong community for schools and raise their home school’s esteem.  That increased recognition from a renowned athletics program can attract more students and provide opportunities for the school to generate more revenue. Sports teams are a common and traditional component to many Canadian universities that Athabasca… Read more »

We Were There

Sports championships come and go so often and across so many leagues that their historical impact seems insignificant in light of their annual passing.  They hardly seem memorable in comparison to other major milestones.  Regardless, a primal psychological satisfaction is linked to the nostalgia of answering the question “where were you when [this historic event]… Read more »