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Jessica Macleod

Jessica MacLeod is a writer, editor, and indexer living in rural Eastern Ontario. She has collected many university credits over the years, including some from Athabasca University. Ever curious and eager to learn, she is continually drawn to new subjects, learning opportunities, quiet libraries, and bookstores old and new. She is so grateful to have found a career in which her love of reading and creativity, as well as her analytical and writing skills, are put to good use.

Jessica also enjoys the outdoors and can often be found hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing local trails, walking country roads, or digging in the garden.

Five Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Do you want to slow down and appreciate the little things in life?  Do you want to watch and ponder the lone crow sitting on a distant branch? To consider how someone’s eyes can hold you as firmly as his hands? To sense that slight shift in mood when a rhythm changes?  Poetry can help…. Read more »

Mitch versus Anxiety: A Story with Confusables

Writers, beware:  confused and misused words surround us.  We hear them, read them, and have even used them ourselves sometimes.  A spellchecker is powerless against them.  But we can learn better usage by reading well-written works, developing an interest in words, and staying friends with a dictionary and usage dictionary. The following story attempts to… Read more »

Books for Writers: Three Basics for Better Diction

If you enjoy and respect the writing process and plan to keep writing outside of course requirements, you should consider investing in some quality resources to improve your craft. The three types of books I recommend here are basics that I use every day.  I can’t imagine working with words (or being an avid reader)… Read more »

DEAD: A Diagnosis Worth Ditching

Have you recently been diagnosed with DEAD?  Does this diagnosis leave you feeling marginalized or perhaps even overrun by the world around you? Do not despair.  The prognosis is more hopeful than the acronym suggests.  You can likely live a long and mostly satisfying life.  You can stand proudly by your bookcases, breathe deeply, and… Read more »

Voice and What it Means for Writers and Readers

I don’t know about you, but I make pictures in my mind as I read.  When I read clear writing, I can easily gather concrete, specific details that I use to make a better picture.  Through the picture-making process, I develop a better understanding of whatever I am reading.  Voice influences what, how, and when… Read more »

Embracing and Imposing Constraints for Writing

If only I had more money.  If only I had more space.  If only I had more time on the assignment.  If only I had better resources or materials.  We all experience limitations that bump against our expectations and ambitions.  Like children (or cows in a pasture), we often believe better opportunities lie on the… Read more »

Tough Time Writing? Break Your Block with Indirect Tactics

Do you ever feel stuck?  Do you work diligently researching a topic for an assignment, but then, when it is time to analyze, synthesize, and compose something organized and effective, you freeze up? Sometimes, thinking too much about our audience or point of view hinders us at the beginning of the writing process.  Approaching a… Read more »

Best of 2023 Selection: Seventeen Determined Minutes

Can you think of an important task you know you should be completing but you’re just not getting around to it?  Maybe it’s an assignment, or some cleaning and organizing, or your workout.  You want to do it, really, you do.  Particular goals or dreams may even be tied to this task.  You want that… Read more »

Six Tips for Working over the Holidays

The holidays are here.  Are you looking forward to time with family and friends, great food, movies and games, and some needed rest and jollity?  Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But what about assignments?  Studying?  Your work? Is it possible to stay on top of our academic or work goals over the holidays? With some careful… Read more »

Book Review—Atomic Habits

Do you think habits depend on more willpower than you’re willing to muster?  Do you think reading a whole book about habits would be boring or inspire feelings of failure?  Well, think again.  Instead of avoiding Atomic Habits by James Clear, you should dive into it.  Better yet, buy your own copy so you can… Read more »