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Jessica Macleod

Jessica MacLeod is a writer, editor, and indexer living in rural Eastern Ontario. She has collected many university credits over the years, including some from Athabasca University. Ever curious and eager to learn, she is continually drawn to new subjects, learning opportunities, quiet libraries, and bookstores old and new. She is so grateful to have found a career in which her love of reading and creativity, as well as her analytical and writing skills, are put to good use.

Jessica also enjoys the outdoors and can often be found hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing local trails, walking country roads, or digging in the garden.

Seventeen Determined Minutes

Can you think of an important task you know you should be completing but you’re just not getting around to it?  Maybe it’s an assignment, or some cleaning and organizing, or your workout.  You want to do it, really, you do.  Particular goals or dreams may even be tied to this task.  You want that… Read more »

A Delicate Ritual

Every spring, I look forward to the annual ritual of picking wild leeks.  For some, trudging through the woods looking at a carpet of dead leaves and swatting swarms of tiny blackflies is far from appealing.  I love it anyway. Wild leeks (also known as wild onions, wild garlic, ramps, or allium tricoccum) can be… Read more »