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Jessica Young

Jessica is a mom of two from Calgary, Alberta. She is finishing her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations at Athabasca University, although she is hoping to eventually pursue her dreams of becoming a psychologist. In her spare time Jessica can usually be found writing or curled up with a book and a cup of coffee.

Teaching My Daughter to Make a Scene

Recently I dealt with an incident at my six-year-old daughter’s school.  She was in the hallway with a boy from her class, away from the careful supervision of her teachers, when the boy became physically violent with her.  My daughter was too nervous to tell her teacher.  She thought her teacher was going to be… Read more »

Music Review—Darklight Horizon and Foxpalmer

February 26, 2021.  That’s the date that Screamlite Records is making three brand new singles available for streaming.  The artists—Darklight Horizon and Foxpalmer—were featured on Screamlite Records newest charity album, New Hero Sounds, that premiered earlier this year.  Proceeds of the album went to National Health Services, the health care system in the UK. Darklight… Read more »

I Quit Smoking Weed—Here’s What Happened

I had my first puff from a pipe when I was in high school and decided immediately it was not for me.  I tried again when I was 23.  My boyfriend at the time brought home a joint from work and bugged me until I agreed to smoke with him.  I loved it.  Weed became… Read more »