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John Buhler lives in Edmonton and completed a Bachelor of General Studies degree at Athabasca University. He is interested in history, religion, popular culture and medical science. John has contributed to the Voice since 2003, writing about books, movies, travel and issues of personal interest.

The Haunting of Foulksrath Castle

This Halloween the spirits of the departed will once again walk the land during the night’s trick-or-treating. Apparitions will dart from door to door, and small ghosts and ghouls will abound in touristy ?haunted houses.? But what of the real legends of haunting? Places where the dead are said to make themselves known to the… Read more »

In Review – The Ultimate Wave Tahiti

Although the surfing and science film The Ultimate Wave Tahiti has already made the transition to Blu-ray and DVD, you can still catch the wave in some IMAX theatres. I recently saw the movie at TELUS World of Science in Edmonton, where it is currently playing. Typical of IMAX films, The Ultimate Wave features awe-inspiring… Read more »

On Film – It’s Complicated

Upon hearing the title, you already know that It’s going to be a film about relationships. But unlike the typical romantic comedy that most people are used to seeing, this one does not feature perky starlets or muscled young hotties. Reflecting North America’s shifting demographics, the film’s love triangle involves 50-something divorcees played by Meryl… Read more »

Stigmatized Properties: Haunted Houses?

When my wife was a child, she used to visit a friend who lived in an older home where years before a young man had committed suicide. Though the whole neighbourhood knew about the death, my wife’s young friend and his family seemed to be have been unaware of the violent incident. Some buyers might… Read more »

Pages – The Haunted: A Social History of Ghosts

The days are growing shorter and shadows are growing longer. You feel a sudden and distinct chill in the air. Is it simply winter’s approach that makes you shiver, or are the spirits of the dead looking over your shoulder? Is it the rustling of autumn’s fallen leaves you hear, or the footsteps of the… Read more »

Pages – John Lennon: The Life

The Rutles: All You Need is Cash, was a 1978 television mockumentary that parodied the Beatles, with John Lennon spoofed by the fictional Ron Nasty. In John Lennon: The Life, biographer Philip Norman shows us the real Lennon, who could be quite nasty indeed. We learn about the many instances, sometimes even on stage, in… Read more »

On Film – Valkyrie

Tom Cruise’s latest film, Valkyrie, set during the Second World War, seems to have made its retreat from the theatres. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting movie, not only for the story on the screen, but also for the controversy that surrounded its production. A portrayal of historical events and a nail-biting thriller, the story… Read more »