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John Buhler lives in Edmonton and completed a Bachelor of General Studies degree at Athabasca University. He is interested in history, religion, popular culture and medical science. John has contributed to the Voice since 2003, writing about books, movies, travel and issues of personal interest.

Downfall (Der Untergang). Film review by…

John Buhler began contributing to The Voice on August of 2003 with an article about the impending deregulation of tuition rates for distance education students. Since that time he has continued to contribute articles on issues of relevance to students and Canadians, as well as a number of travel photo features. This year John took… Read more »

Life in Germany: Part 5, Schwerin Palace

The ongoing adventures of an AU student studying abroad. See issues 1340, 1342, 1343 and 1346 in the Voice archives, or search for “Life in Germany” to read the beginning of this story. The train travels eastward from the centre of Hamburg, through its suburbs, through forests, and then eventually into agricultural lands. By this… Read more »

Life in Germany: Part 4, An AU Student Abroad

The following depiction is a composite of persons, experiences, and reflections. The names have been withheld to protect the innocent. Der Deutschunterricht The German lesson begins at 08:50. I have already fortified myself with coffee. One student wanders in late, having spent much of the night among the collection of nightclubs, live sex shows, and… Read more »

Life in Germany: Part 2

The second instalment of John’s series about his experiences studying abroad in Germany with his wife. Watch The Voice for more instalments of this series over the coming months. For part one, see v13 140 of The Voice. Already, we are seeing a lot of the city and finding that we really like Hamburg, but… Read more »

Life in Germany: Part 1

Not long ago, the prospect of living in Europe for any extended length of time would have been out of the question for me. I worked full-time with the same company for the last 20 years, and settled into a more-or-less routine life. In April, this all changed when my wife learned that the German… Read more »

Photo Feature – Ulm Cathedral

Many Canadian tourists who have visited Germany may not be familiar with the town of Ulm. It happens to be the birthplace of Albert Einstein. Its most outstanding architectural feature is its legendary Gothic cathedral. Ulm Cathedral faces onto a large central square located in the heart of the town. The cathedral is an imposing… Read more »

Cologne’s EL-DE Haus

In Cologne, Germany, the EL-DE Haus, so-called because of the initials of builder Leopold Damen, serves as a memorial to the victims of Nazi terror. The museum is a centre for documentation and research (, serving as a facility for educating the public about the horrors of National Socialism. Of particular interest to this writer… Read more »

Downfall (Der Untergang). Film review by…

It is always fascinating to see how a German movie confronts that nation’s Nazi past. The main focus of Downfall (Eichinger and Hirschbiegel, 2005) is a twelve-day period in April and May of 1945 leading up to Hitler’s suicide and the collapse of the Third Reich. The movie’s North American showing is especially timely as… Read more »

John Williams MP and Same-Sex Marriage

The January 2005 newsletter for constituents of John Williams, the Member of Parliament representing Edmonton-St. Albert, is emblematic of the embarrassing Conservative stance on same-sex marriages. His recent issue of Keeping In Touch states that “if people want to enter into some other kind of relationship they can find some other name to call it,… Read more »