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Karl Low

Born and (mostly) raised in Calgary, Karl has been taking courses on and off at AU since 1999. At one point, he changed his major from Computing Science to Computing Science because the new program requirements fit what he’d already taken better. Since then, he switched to English and graduated (w/Great Distinction he likes to add) proving along the way that it is entirely possible to complete an entire AU course within a three week period. If only he had done this at the beginning of the course instead of in the last extension.

This is not something he advises unless you are desperate, masochistic, or, ideally, both.

He is currently the managing editor of The Voice Magazine, where he tries to put his education to use helping other students as they provide content for The Voice

Editorial—Looking for Winners

Most of the winners from our Voice Survey have responded and goodies should be in the mail shortly, however, there are a few of you out there who haven’t yet.  So, if you filled out the Voice Survey, please check the email you left as your contest entry!  We need to get your physical address… Read more »

Editorial—Survey Says… (2018 Edition)

We now have the results of our Voice Survey, emails to the winners have been sent, and we’re just waiting confirmation from them so that we can proudly trumpet who they are before we spill the beans.  So, if you haven’t received an email from us at the address you gave, then I’m afraid you… Read more »

Editorial—The Tribulation of Trials

First up, a big thanks to everybody who filled out the survey. I have to admit, after the first couple of weeks, I was getting worried about the small sample size, but you people really stepped it up at the end.  In case you’re wondering, we haven’t drawn a winner yet. That will happen early… Read more »

Council Connection—July 12, 2018 Meeting

At 6:39pm on July 12, the July meeting of AUSU Council got rolling with all councillors present.  The early business was fairly routine, with the one exception being that, once again, AUSU is delaying the removal of position policy 9.22 pending AU getting the student bookstore up and running.  While this isn’t beyond the routine… Read more »

Editorial—No Safe Space

If you haven’t already filled out the Voice Reader Survey for 2018 and put your entry in to win a shiny new tablet computer, suitable for taking your AU course on the go, then this is probably your last chance.  The survey is closing on Sunday, July 29.  If you haven’t filled it out over… Read more »

Editorial—The Bright Side of Lackluster

The Voice Reader Survey for 2018 will be closing soon, and, so far, response has been lackluster, to say the least.  Of course, it’s the middle of summer so that’s not that unexpected, but it was noted that my preferred time for the survey, mid-September to early October, was also about the time when AUSU… Read more »

Editorial—Surprisingly Good

A surprisingly good issue this week.  We start it off with our feature interview being a Meeting the Minds article interviewing Jim Sellers, the Project Manager for the Athabasca River Basin Institute. Yes, I know.  The job title isn’t really one that makes you think, “This is going to be great interview for AU students!”… Read more »

Editorial—Give us a Break!

Summertime and Canada Day is upon us!  With that in mind, next week, The Voice Magazine will take a brief hiatus.  I need to be rested and prepared for what’s going to happen the week after that—when our biannual reader survey comes out and AUSU pushes the Voice Magazine in their newsletter.  Such pushes are… Read more »

Editorial—But Seriously

This week, we take a break from our interviews with the new AUSU Council members, and instead feature an interview with Dr. Chris Glover, a man with a serious position who doesn’t take himself all that seriously.  While he takes a mostly light-hearted approach to our interview, he does slip up here and there and… Read more »

Editorial—Less than a Third

Last Friday, shortly after I completed my editorial, the Alberta Government announced at AU’s convocation ceremonies that they would be giving Athabasca University a one-time grant of 4.9 million dollars to address its new strategic plan and upgrade its technology infrastructure.  This money is sorely needed because, though the AU campus is beautiful, as you’ll… Read more »