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Karl Low

Born and (mostly) raised in Calgary, Karl has been taking courses on and off at AU since 1999. At one point, he changed his major from Computing Science to Computing Science because the new program requirements fit what he’d already taken better. Since then, he switched to English and graduated (w/Great Distinction he likes to add) proving along the way that it is entirely possible to complete an entire AU course within a three week period. If only he had done this at the beginning of the course instead of in the last extension.

This is not something he advises unless you are desperate, masochistic, or, ideally, both.

He is currently the managing editor of The Voice Magazine, where he tries to put his education to use helping other students as they provide content for The Voice

Editorial—Summertime Fun

A quick announcement, there will be no new Voice Magazine or articles next week, as I’ll be taking a brief holiday. So this issue is all you get until July 17.  Take your time, savour it, and spend some time outside (and socially distanced) before the next phase of our apolalypse hit.  Will it be… Read more »

Editorial—Prepare to Pay More

If you’re looking to get into a course this summer, you may want to pre-purchase it right now, because as of Monday, June 29, the cost is going to go up by 2% if you use Mastercard or Visa to pay for your courses.  If you typically purchase your courses with American Express, you will… Read more »

Editorial—Burgeoning New Voices!

Summer has come, and, at least in Calgary, it’s brought with it a bunch of new writers to The Voice Magazine.  New writers are always exciting for me, even though they mean more work at first, but bringing in those new perspectives, and helping writers grow their abilities as they help to grow The Voice… Read more »

Editorial—Mea Culpa

Last week, we published an article about vaccines.  I was concerned about it then, and I wrote as much in my editorial.  But I had looked at it, I had determined that the sources it referenced were indeed good sources, and that the article also contained references to current scientific reasoning, in some cases completely… Read more »

Editorial—A Caveat

I feel like I need to preface this issue saying that I don’t agree with everything that gets published in The Voice Magazine.  These articles represent the views of the writers, not of me, and certainly not that of AUSU or AU.  But at the same time, The Voice Magazine isn’t my magazine.  It’s the… Read more »

Editorial—Steps Need to Be Taken

My apologies to everyone for the lateness of this.  It’s entirely my own fault, but I’ve been entirely drawn in by the reports of the violence and riots, and the causes of them, down in Minnesota and Kentucky for the past couple of days.  I’ve been having difficulty wrapping my head around the events.  Not… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Virtual Student Social Sat, May 30, 6:00 pm MDT Online via Zoom Hosted by AUSU RSVP by May 29 to Three Minute Thesis Competition Tues, June 2, 12:00 to 4:00 pm MDT Online Hosted by AU Faculty of Graduate Studies Access livestream through above link MBA Application Webinar Wed, June 3, 11:00… Read more »

Editorial—The Metric System: Imperious Measures

Two provinces were set to start using performance measures to adjust funding levels to universities this year.  The first was Ontario, the second, our own province of Alberta.  As with most conservative ideas, these metrics were largely tied to economic performance, specifically the economic performance of graduates, with conservative pundits claiming they’re merely trying to… Read more »

Minds We Meet—Monique Durette

Born in Edmonton, Monique Durette now lives in Okotoks, Alberta where she’s taking her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science and a minor in Women and Gender Studies from AU.  She’s lived across the country, from BC to Ontario, and in fact met her husband while she was in high school in… Read more »