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Karl Low

Born and (mostly) raised in Calgary, Karl has been taking courses on and off at AU since 1999. At one point, he changed his major from Computing Science to Computing Science because the new program requirements fit what he’d already taken better. Since then, he switched to English and graduated (w/Great Distinction he likes to add) proving along the way that it is entirely possible to complete an entire AU course within a three week period. If only he had done this at the beginning of the course instead of in the last extension.

This is not something he advises unless you are desperate, masochistic, or, ideally, both.

He is currently the managing editor of The Voice Magazine, where he tries to put his education to use helping other students as they provide content for The Voice

Editorial—Repudiating Resolutions

I always find it interesting when the writers for The Voice Magazine independently come up with a theme for the issue.  Of course, I don’t think anybody would be terribly surprised that the first issue we get this year has a strong theme about New Years’ Resolutions, coming as it does at the start of… Read more »

Editorial—Bringing you the Best Of!

Out with the old and in with the new, right?  Not quite!  There’s still a little bit of the old that deserves some recognition, and that’s what the Best of the Voice 2020 is all about. For those that haven’t been here before, each year we like to take a selection of the best articles… Read more »

Editorial—Happy Holidays

Welcome to the final issue of The Voice Magazine for 2020.  Our writers got in the holiday mood this year, so beyond our feature interview with student and new Voice writer, Karen Lam, we have a number of holiday themed selections to help get you in the mood as well. One of the things that… Read more »

Editorial—Bullet Dodged?

You might not know it, but things at AU came very close to grinding to a halt this year (those of you trying to connect with AU by phone recently might question that they haven’t, but bear with me.)  A recent post at the AU Faculty Association site talks about the battle with AU over… Read more »

Editorial—Get in Line

So it seems our COVID-19 journey may be coming to an end over the next several months, with news in a couple of provinces about the first rounds of a vaccine for COVID-19 to be administered in January.  This seems like a remarkably short time for a vaccine to go from initial stages to completion,… Read more »

Editorial—Cheating the System

Cheating is nothing new.  It’s probably been happening since the first time someone had to demonstrate their knowledge and simply weren’t ready to do so.  And there’s always been a bit of an arms race between those who want to cheat and those tasked with stopping it (typically the teachers).  But with the pandemic, it’s… Read more »


Our main feature will always be an interview with a fellow student, if I can get it. This week is no exception, as we talk to Angel Kassem, a business student who didn’t at first intend to be taking her business degree but found her AU coursework in the HR field compelling enough to make… Read more »

Editorial—Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The Alberta government has increased the restrictions, with those additional restrictions coming, as is appropriate, today, Friday the thirteenth.  Unlucky if you’re a gym or a pub owner.  But many Albertans also feel unlucky that the government is not taking stronger actions, noting that the reason the disease is ramping up so quickly already is… Read more »

Editorial—The Triage of Liberty

We’re back, and what did we come back into? At the moment I’m writing this, former vice-president, Joe Biden has the lead in four of the six states left uncalled, with the current voting trend favoring him. Upcoming remain the court battles, and then, if we allow the cynic in me full reign, the real… Read more »

Remembering 102 Years Later

In 1918, the First World War came to an end after a long four years.  Even though the vast majority of us in Canada were not even born at the time, we still remember.  Most of the men fighting for our country were conscripted at a very young age.  The women basically kept Canada running… Read more »