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Karl Low

Born and (mostly) raised in Calgary, Karl has been taking courses on and off at AU since 1999. At one point, he changed his major from Computing Science to Computing Science because the new program requirements fit what he’d already taken better. Since then, he switched to English and graduated (w/Great Distinction he likes to add) proving along the way that it is entirely possible to complete an entire AU course within a three week period. If only he had done this at the beginning of the course instead of in the last extension.

This is not something he advises unless you are desperate, masochistic, or, ideally, both.

He is currently the managing editor of The Voice Magazine, where he tries to put his education to use helping other students as they provide content for The Voice

Editorial—Thunderbolts & Lightning, Very Very Frightening!

While I try to avoid thinking too much about what’s going on in the United States, especially as they get closer to the election, I’ve caught myself sympathizing with Trump supporters lately.  It’s very strange, but I’ve started to realize that when I hear yet another tale of something outrageous that Mr. Trump has done,… Read more »

Editorial—Generational Divide

This week, our feature article is one of the best articles, the kind that features one of you.  That’s right, Minds We Meet is slowly but surely coming back.  It’s always been a priority article for me to have here in The Voice Magazine when I can, because it’s really what The Voice is all… Read more »


9/11.  It’s a number, a date, of great significance to those of us in North America, though even now it begins to fade into memory.  It seems impossible that the terrorist attacks that woke the United States to their vulnerability to international terrorism were 19 years ago already.  Today, there are adults alive who never… Read more »

Council Connection—August 19, 2020 Meeting

Eight of the nine councillors were present for the August 19, 2020 Council Meeting.  Councillor Regan Johnson had provided her regrets earlier and was excused as the meeting started. After the regular introductions and passing the agenda and minutes, the meeting started with a review of the newest budget.  AUSU is looking at an increase… Read more »

Editorial—An Issue of Great Importance

This week, Chef Corey serves up something different, as he doffs his chef hat to chase down an important story for students, the story of the ongoing labour rumbles happening at AU.  If you follow AU related news and information, you may have heard of some dispute that’s currently being worked on between the Athabasca… Read more »

Editorial—Worth a Thousand Words

Last week, one of our featured stories sported the image of a notebook displaying goals for 2020 wiped out by quarantine.  The article goes on to look at changes that the pandemic has caused, with special attention being brought to education and social stratification. A few astute readers noted that the image incorrectly spelled the… Read more »

Editorial—Bite the Ballot

Although just elected in March, AUSU Council has lost four of its 13 members since the 2020 full council election.  In response, a by-election has been scheduled and the voting starts on August 25th.  All members should keep an eye on their email boxes for their ballot. Eight students have chosen to run for the… Read more »

Minds we Meet—Stacey Hutchings

From Vancouver Island, Stacey Hutchings, the newest AUSU Vice President of External and Student affairs, has lived in Calgary for the last five years.  Born to military parents, she’s been as far east as Shawville, Quebec but has spent most of her life between Vancouver Island and Fort St. John, where she worked as a… Read more »

Editorial—The Ennui of August

We’re in the middle of summer now, and with one of our regular writers running in the AUSU Byelection, others on holidays, this issue of the Voice Magazine is running a little thinner than many. Also, it seems this week has been rather slow on the news front.  Sure, there’s the usual rumblings about US… Read more »