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Born and (mostly) raised in Calgary, Karl has been taking courses on and off at AU since 1999. At one point, he changed his major from Computing Science to Computing Science because the new program requirements fit what he’d already taken better. Since then, he switched to English and graduated (w/Great Distinction he likes to add) proving along the way that it is entirely possible to complete an entire AU course within a three week period. If only he had done this at the beginning of the course instead of in the last extension.

This is not something he advises unless you are desperate, masochistic, or, ideally, both.

He is currently the managing editor of The Voice Magazine, where he tries to put his education to use helping other students as they provide content for The Voice

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

Foreign Affairs and You One of the most controversial issues being talked about today is of course the United States’ insistence upon waging war in Iraq. The Government of Canada has been criticized for its lack of stance and for fence-sitting on the issue. The United States and Canada have also been butting heads on… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

Budgeting For Graduates The Annual Federal Budget has been released, and as always we find there is good news and bad news. (See: In the good news, we find that the federal government is actually paying some attention to the need for post-secondary education. Over 1.3 billion dollars more this year have been set… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

The Betrayal of the Budget The annual federal budget was released ( last Wednesday, and has been roundly labeled as a betrayal by the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois. The reason for this is quite clear, as one of the campaign ideas put forth by the Liberal Party was that Canadians should vote liberal to… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

They Can’t Get Your Money Fast Enough It used to be that they waited until winter was nearly over before you started hearing about it. These days, it seems that Valentines Day is the opening day of the season. What season is that? Why the one that all governments love: tax season! Already the advertisements… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

New Brunswick for Education Premier Bernard Lord has set the province of New Brunswick on a course for future prosperity. His State of the Province Address (SEE:, delivered on Jan 30th, shows that he is a man who understands the value brought by an educated populace. Unlike certain other Premiers (SEE:, Premier Lord’s… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

Black History Month February is Black History Month according to the Federal Government (SEE: and the Provincial Government of Ontario (SEE: The Federal Government has given $40,000 to the Black History Month Round Table. This Round Table helps to organize events announcing and celebrating Black History and the diversity that helps to make… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

One Who Gets It.. Federal Finance Minister John Manley was recently at a public meeting seeking comments into the development of the new federal budget. While there he had some harsh words to say (SEE:{28031263-CB78-4FB1-BB18-560F6AA8D032})about provinces that are under-funding their universities. He looked at Ireland, which until recently had a very depressed economy. However,… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation:

Ontario Planning to be Unprepared The Ontario Government has recently announced (SEE: they have prepared the Universities to handle the combined grade 13 and grade 12 classes that will both be graduating this year. The Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities, Dianne Cunningham says in this report “I am pleased to report that the… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch News Across The Nation …

Costs of the Royal Treatment Manitoba has released (See: the preliminary estimates on how much it cost to host the Queen and Prince Phillip for an overnight stay. So far, the total has come to just over half a million dollars. So what does $505,000 purchase these days? Apparently it purchases staging, talent, and… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch. News Across The Nation …

Civil Silliness: The Gun Thing As has been on the news in Alberta and various places, the federal government’s gun legislation went into full effect on New Year’s Day. This means that if you are caught with a fire-arm that you have not yet registered, you can be charged, have your gun taken away, and… Read more »