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Course Introduction – Western Music: Beginnings to Baroque (HUMN 310/MUSI 310)

Athabasca University’s new HUMN/MUSI 310 course, Western Music: Beginnings to Baroque, provides students with an in-depth appreciation, both written and auditory, of early Western music. The course structure features a timeline approach and examines music throughout periods in history, enabling students to observe and analyze the trends and variations in music over the centuries. Course… Read more »

Course Introduction – Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASTR 210)

Athabasca University’s Centre for Science has expanded its Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics with a new introductory course on the subject. This course, titled Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASTR 210), provides students with a ?general overview of everything in the universe, from a science student’s point of view,? says course coordinator and developer of AU’s Geophysical… Read more »

Course Introduction – Law and Ethics in Education (EDUC 404)

As AU`s course offerings continue to grow, Katie`s course introductions offer in-depth descriptions that can help students plan their programs. Interviews with professors bring colourful?and invaluable?details to her articles, and a fresh perspective that goes beyond most syllabi. This article originally appeared March 9, 2007, in issue 1508. Are you planning to focus your undergraduate… Read more »

Course Introduction – PSYC 450 ? Drugs and Behaviour

How do drugs affect the human body? What makes addictive compounds ?addictive?? What about hallucinogens? Why do neurodegenerative diseases elicit their particular symptoms? AU’s Centre for Psychology recently released a new course, PSYC 450 (Drugs and Behaviour), which, as its name implies, explores the relationships between pharmacological agents, human physiology, and human behaviour. Course professor… Read more »

Course Introduction – ENGL 189 ? English for Business

Athabasca University’s Centre for Language and Literature recently launched a new course to complement their ESL program: English for Business (ENGL 189). This course, which is a major revision of the former ENGL 187, is destined to give students insight into the language styles and writing common to the commerce world. Although ENGL 189 might… Read more »

Course Introduction – MKTG 420 ? Advertising and Promotion

Recently opened in May, Advertising and Promotion (MKTG 420) ?emphasizes integrated marketing communication,? said course professor Chris Thorne, adding that the course focuses on the communication type ?seen in direct marketing, promotions, and advertising.? For instance, Thorne explained, a product for sale at the store is a result of integrated marketing. For this product to… Read more »

Course Introduction – CMNS 201 Introduction to Mass Media

Are you interested in Communication Studies and Mass Media? Athabasca University’s Communications Studies program has expanded to include a new communications course, Introduction to Mass Media (CMNS 201), to its list of ever-growing course offerings. According to course professor Dr. Evelyn Ellerman, CMNS 201 is the ?first of two introductory courses for our proposed Bachelor… Read more »