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Course Exam – Law and Ethics in Education (EDUC 404)

Are you planning to focus your undergraduate degree in educational studies? AU has recently launched EDUC 404 (Law and Ethics in Education), a senior level education course to “provide an introductory understanding of the legal and ethical issues, and potential legal liability encountered by school principals, teachers and school administrators and counselors,” according to course… Read more »

Course Exam: INST 348

Would you like to familiarize yourself with events in Aboriginal justice? For this purpose, Athabasca University (AU) recently released INST 348 (Aboriginal Justice). INST 348 is a third-level course, which provides students with a solid foundation of the “issues facing Aboriginal communities and community members,” as stated in a recent e-interview by Priscilla Campeau. Ms…. Read more »

Course Exam – Project in E-Commerce (ECOM 420)

With the opening of Athabasca University’s new E-Commerce course, Project in E-Commerce (ECOM 420), AU business students will be able to experience the world of e-commerce in a previously unknown, “hands-on” way! This course enables students to delve into the e-commerce through self-directed research and experience the world of e-commerce in a way yet unknown… Read more »

Course Exam – Introduction to Comparative Politics (POLI 342)

With the completion of Introduction to Comparative Politics (POLI 342), AU’s political science undergraduate major is now and accepting new students! This course is a “staple in any political science degree,” commented course professor Jay Smith in a recent online interview, since POLI 342 enables students to learn and “compare how other societies are governed.”… Read more »

Course Exam – Advanced Speaking and Listening Skills (ENGL 149)

With Athabasca University’s newly launched Advanced Speaking and Listening Skills (ENGL 149), ESL students have the potential to achieve near-perfect English speech by polishing their skills through the course’s integrated speaking and listening components. Course author Peggy Kayne is truly excited about the new course and, based on her vast experience as a linguist, expects… Read more »

Course Exam – Research and Writing Projects in Literature (ENGL 492)

Calling all English majors! Athabasca University’s Centre for Language and Literature has recently launched a new senior-level English course featuring advanced English literature research. The course, titled Research and Writing Projects in Literature (ENGL 492), provides students with the opportunity to “work on an individual research project in literature,” states course author and professor Dr…. Read more »

Course Exam – Special Projects in Sociology III (SOCI 427)

Looking to expand your knowledge of sociology? Athabasca University’s new course, Special Projects in Sociology (SOCI 427), enables sociology students not only to seek out new research in certain areas of their discipline, but also become carefully trained in the art of writing excellent research reports. A 3-credit course in the Social Sciences, Special Projects… Read more »

Course Exam – Software Engineering (COMP 410)

Calling all computer programmers! Athabasca University’s School of Computing and Information Systems is proud of their newly-opened course, Software Engineering (COMP 410), written by Associate Professor Dr. Fuhua (Oscar) Lin. Software Engineering (COMP 410) is designed to give computer science students the tools necessary for programming large-scale software projects, including planning techniques, software reusability, different… Read more »

Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs (PSYC 476)

A brand-new AU psychology course, Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs (PSYC 476), just opened two weeks ago! This course is a must for anyone interested in learning about technology available for individuals with disabilities. Assistive technology is defined as “equipment that improves the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities”; this course will empower… Read more »

Course Exam – FNCE 408: E-Commerce and Risk Management

One of the most predominant highlights of our era is the surge in technology development. New technological inventions affect our world, our culture, our lives, and, of course, our businesses. Yes, our businesses. With the Internet and e-commerce becoming so prominent in North American lives, those of us with businesses cannot afford to sit still…. Read more »