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Course Exam – SOCI 348: Sociology of Environment and Health

Another new Athabasca University (AU) course, SOCI 348 – Sociology of Environment and Health, just opened this past December. This course, which examines key issues in environmental health, also addresses the potential links between industry toxins, such as pollution, and evidence of diseases in our environment. Course author and professor, Dr. Ella Haley, indicates that… Read more »

Course Exam – Sensation and Perception (PSYC 333)

Athabasca University’s Centre for Psychology has been hard at work again! Update your AU course catalogue to include another new psychology course entitled, Sensation and Perception (PSYC 333). Scheduled to open in mid-December, Sensation and Perception focuses on the human brain and explores how the brain is involved in “receiving and processing information from the… Read more »

Course Exam – Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 304)

Another AU course is hot off the press, this time from the Centre for Psychology! Dr. Cheuk Ng, associate professor with the Centre for Psychology and the course author, has just finished revising PSYC 404, renumbered as PSYC 304 (Research Methods in Psychology). According to Dr. Ng, the new course “retains about 80 percent of… Read more »

Course Exam – Accessing Information (INFS 200)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your research skills? How about your Internet-based research techniques? Do you have difficulty discerning which websites contain reputable information? When it comes to writing essays, your background research can certainly influence your essay grades. AU students now have the opportunity to polish their electronic-based… Read more »

AU Offers New Awards for Students!

Starting this fall, Athabasca University will be offering over $200,000 in new awards for AU students. This massive awards campaign, designed to complement existing AU student awards, is being launched by the University as a means of off-setting increasing tuition costs and students’ subsequent financial difficulties, as well as rewarding students for academic and social… Read more »

Course Exam – PHIL 350 – Ethics

Ethics is a subject we all should know about. Our lives are continually touched by situations requiring the knowledge of ethics whether through the media, in-person situations or through hearsay. If you’re one of those individuals who wishes to sharpen your ethics skills, be sure to take a look at Athabasca University’s newly released course… Read more »