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Course Exam: AU Courses up Close – Organizational Behaviour (ORGB 364)

The world of organizational behaviour is expanding once again at AU – this time with the newly revised foundation course, Organizational Behaviour (ORGB 364) which incorporates several exciting changes, including online delivery, and material that was rewritten to include new evaluation methods. Why was the revision needed? Course author Claude Dupuis, Academic Coordinator for AU’s… Read more »

Course Exam: AU Courses, Up Close – HUMN/HIST 202

Western Culture: Since the Reformation (HUMN/HIST 202) After AU’s foundation history course HIST 201 (Western Culture I) was enthusiastically received by AU students, the AU history team, headed by Dr David Gregory, decided to launch a new AU course, Western Culture II: Since the Reformation (HIST 202), continuing the popular topic. According to Dr Gregory,… Read more »

CMIS 245 – Course Introduction

Do you use your PC merely as a word processor for typing essays and other coursework? Or do you think of your PC as an account manager, a graph and chart producer, a presentation tool, and a gateway to the world through the internet? Athabasca University’s new course, Microcomputer Applications in Business (CMIS 245), is… Read more »

Course Introduction – Custom Applications with VBA (CMIS 312)

If you’re like me, your curiosity has been piqued by the puzzling acronym in this new AU course’s title, “Custom Applications with VBA.” What could this mysterious “VBA” refer to? My less-than-stunning computer science background certainly didn’t help me out. Succumbing to my curiosity, I quickly opened my AU course calendar, and began to read:… Read more »

New Course Introduction – Biomedical Ethics (PHIL 335)

Are you planning a career in the medical field? Or are you interested in knowing a bit more about current heath-care issues like informed consent? Why not embark on an ethics-based learning adventure with Athabasca University’s new course, Biomedical Ethics (PHIL 335)? Recently opened in April 2004, PHIL 335, a 3-credit course in the humanities,… Read more »