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Course Introduction – Gender, Culture, and Technology (WMST 446)

Why are there fewer women in technology-based environments than men? Is this the result of inborn preferences that make some positions or careers more appealing, depending on your gender? What about cultural gender bias — how does this come into play? If you’re interested in exploring the fascinating gender issue, you’ll be interested in Athabasca… Read more »

New Course: Indigenous Studies I (INST 203)

Are you undecided as to which Athabasca U course to register in next? What about studying a bit of history blended with anthropology, with a dash of political science sprinkled overtop? Although this may sound like a culinary arts course, Athabasca University’s newest course, INST 203, doesn’t teach cooking — but it does introduce you… Read more »

New Course Introduction – COMP 266 (Introduction to Web Programming)

If you’re currently selecting your September semester courses, why not start your upcoming school year with a new Athabasca course featuring website programming? With the ever-increasing popularity of the internet, or world wide web, you may have always wanted to design your own website, or have wondered how websites are made. Enrolling in Athabasca University’s… Read more »

New Environmental Studies Course At AU

Recycling. Environmental pollutants. Environmental effects. Fragile ecosystems. Do any of these phrases sound familiar? You may have wondered how scientists can determine that certain practices or actions — like building a highway over a marshland, for instance — can cause negative effects on our environment. Wonder no longer! As of June 2004, Athabasca University’s Environmental… Read more »

Course Introduction – PSYC 210 (Experiential Learning in the Celebration of Diversity)

Are you interested in learning about other cultures? What about learning about your own culture in more detail? How about accomplishing both of these objectives, in the context of an exciting psychology course from Athabasca University? Athabasca University’s new course, PSYC 210, is called Experiential Learning in the Celebration of Diversity and it explores the… Read more »

AU’S Newest Course! TAXX 401-Taxation II

It’s nearly the end of May. Like me, if you operate a small business, you probably filed your income tax return several months ago. But how familiar are you with our Canadian federal income tax system and its procedures? Is your knowledge of the system confined to constant perusals of the income tax guidebook or… Read more »

ENGL 146 – Course Introduction

Are you interested in having a better command of the English language? Athabasca University’s ENGL 146, Reading for Academic Purposes, may be for you. First released in April 2003, Reading for Academic Purposes (ENGL 146) is a non-credit course whose goal is to aid students in improving their English skills, including reading and comprehension. Reading… Read more »

CMIS 245 – Course Introduction

Do you use your PC merely as a word processor for typing essays and other coursework? Or do you think of your PC as an account manager, a graph and chart producer, a presentation tool, and a gateway to the world through the internet? Athabasca University’s new course, Microcomputer Applications in Business (CMIS 245), is… Read more »