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ANTH 434: The History of Anthropological Thought. Course Introduction

Calling all Anthropology lovers! Athabasca University has released a new distance education course called the History of Anthropological Thought (ANTH 434). It is a 400-level course which delves right into the heart of anthropology by studying the progression and trends in anthropological thought over last the two centuries. Consisting of 12 units, ANTH 434 begins… Read more »

PHIL 375: Course Review

Athabasca University’s new offering — PHIL 375 – Philosophy of the Environment — gives students the opportunity to experience a unique blend of two fascinating disciplines: philosophy and environmental issues. A 3-credit course with no prerequisites, Philosophy of the Environment is offered in both print-based and online versions. Both versions of the course focus on… Read more »

COURSE REVIEW – CMNS 410: Audience Effects Research

The title of one of Athabasca University’s recently released courses has always intrigued me: “Audience Effects Research” (CMNS 410). Of what would such a course consist? What Centre offers it? It seemed to me that the best way to explore the above questions and determine the content of CMNS 410 was to write a course… Read more »

Calling All Environmental Science Enthusiasts

Are you interested in ecological relationships? In learning about the effects of pesticides, pollution, and other factors on our biosphere? What about population and resource pressures, natural selection, and nutrient cycling? If you are, check out Athabasca University’s NEW Introductory Environmental Science course, ENSC 200. Opened January 2003, Introductory Environmental Science is a three-credit Science… Read more »

COURSE INTRODUCTION: ENGL 475 – A Cyborg Experience

Prior to my review of English 475, I’d like to include the following article about the course written by M. Redi: The Student as Cyborg If you are a cyborg and don’t know it does that still make you a cyborg? The best place to explore this question is in Athabasca’s course, Literature and Hypertext,… Read more »

New Horizons… A New Athabasca Course Launched! – ORGB 300 is the future of distance learning

Athabasca University’s School of Business has done it again! They’ve just released an exciting NEW organizational behaviour (ORGB) course that incorporates innovative online technology with the course content, creating the perfect learning atmosphere for you, the distance ed student. Organizational Culture (ORGB 300), discusses, as its name implies, the cultural aspects of organizations and workplaces… Read more »