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Making Your PC Work For You – eBay

WHAT IS IT? If you haven’t heard of it, you’re really living under a rock. EBay is the world’s largest on-line auction. It may even be the world’s largest auction. It is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange as EBAY. Over 24 billion dollars were generated by this site last year and you can buy… Read more »

Making Your PC Work For You – Terms and Acronyms

HELP FOR YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER If acronyms didn’t exist the computer world would crash horribly. Just kidding. But just think of all the acronyms used in reference to computers. What do they all mean? Computer-related acronyms are used in every day language just like someone’s name. Add to this all the other computer terms and… Read more »

Making Your PC Work For You – Internet Ad Pop-Ups

NEW VOICE COLUMN — HELP FOR YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER Have you seen those pesky advertisements that appear while browsing the internet? I’m sure you have, and that like me, you have found them extremely annoying. But, we can stop them! To do this, first I must classify them into 2 categories. Browser Pop-ups — ads… Read more »