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Minds We Meet—Interviewing Students Like You!

Katy Lowe is a 29-year-old mother of three.  She has been a student with AU since November 2017 and is currently finishing up her first set of finals.  One of the few that are born and raised and currently living in Calgary, Alberta, she looks forward to chinooks to break up long, bitter cold winters. … Read more »

Minds We Meet—Caribbean Bound

Cpl. Lisa Grandmaison balances working full time as a File Manager/Recruiting staff for the 36 Canadian Brigade Army Reserve Recruiting unit in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with studying toward her Bachelor of Business Management at AU and taking care of her one year old daughter Sophie.  Originally hailing from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, a… Read more »

Minds We Meet—Enabling and Empowering

Paddy Storey, originally born and raised in Alberta, now lives with her husband, her teenage daughter, 19 horses, one miniature pony, two donkeys, five dogs, four puppies, and two cats on a cattle ranch North of Quesnel, surrounded by the trees of beautiful British Columbia.  She also has a son that recently graduated and has… Read more »

Minds We Meet – Interviewing Students Like You

Sinead Hickman is originally from Whitehorse, Yukon, but moved to Alberta as a teenager.  She currently resides in Red Deer with her two young children and her husband whom she credits for allowing her to achieve her educational goals.  She has been an AU student off and on for the past decade and is in… Read more »

Minds We Meet-Foteini Evangelidou

Foteini Evangelidou has recently completed the Master of Education in Distance Education program at AU. She currently resides in Kavala, a small beautiful city in Northern Greece that offers both the residents and visitors a combination of modern life with archaeological and historical sightseeing amidst the natural tranquility of sea and mountains. Named after both… Read more »

Minds We Meet Interviewing Students Like You!

Lauren Klukas is currently finishing her Bachelor of Science- Human Science through AU while raising her daughter in Calgary, Alberta and testing out meal plans from her new cook book The Complete Plate – a Stronger, Healthier, Happier You that will be available throughout Canada in January, 2018.  Released in major book stores just in… Read more »

Minds we Meet – Interviewing Students Like You!

CaraLee MacLean is a first year student at AU working towards her Bachelor of Commerce with a degree in Accounting.  She currently resides in her hometown Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, a village known for its logging and lumber industry and as the Gateway to Mount Carleton Provincial Park.  Why did you choose AU for your… Read more »

Minds We Meet – Interviewing Students Like You

Recently featured writer for the Voice magazine, Karlee Kapler is a fairly new student at AU working towards her BA with a major in English.  She describes herself as analytical, irritable, and creative, and not really an outdoorsy person.  One of the surprising few who are born and raised in Grande Prairie, she not only… Read more »

Minds We Meet – Lionel Pinkhard, Make Mistakes!

Lionel Pinkhard is 32 years old and an AU international student from Cape Town, South Africa completing a Bachelor of Science. He has been an AU student for just over a year, majoring in Computing & Information Systems, with a minor in Game Programming. Growing up in the natural beauty of the Mediterranean climate, Lionel… Read more »

Minds We Meet – Brittany

Brittany Daigle is originally from the small town of Riverview, New Brunswick. She now lives with her boyfriend and her beagle in Toronto, Ontario, where she enjoys the shopping districts, the ability to experience a wide variety of cultures, and taking in the incredible display of city lights at night. She has been an AU… Read more »