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Next week the Voice will feature part one of an interview with H. Mel Malton: Getting tired of waiting for the same authors to pen a new book? Want to find something fantastic and Canadian? How about one of the books of H. Mel Malton? In a world dominated by J.K. Rowling, perhaps you’re ready… Read more »

Construction Woes

Several weeks back I asked a construction worker in the nearest truck what the “street hacking” was about. He said that the railroad line had to move over and that the company wanted it dealt with by Christmas. He expressed pretty serious reservations about whether it would be done by Santa’s visit. He needn’t have… Read more »

Addicted to the Palm

“Jack on Queen. Thirty times eighteen. I can beat the formula, I swear I can!” These aren’t mixed up comments I’ve overheard on the street. They’re my words as I’m playing with Santa’s gift to me. I got a PDA for HOHOHO time. For all you non-techies out there, that’s a Palm Pilot. I’m sad… Read more »

How’s Your Hygrometer?: A New Year Challenge!

It took me a while to learn what the thing is on my living room wall that reads my room’s humidity. It’s called a hygrometer. It’s obvious that it watches the humidity in our home but it isn’t obvious how much humidity we have or should have. I only know that when I start getting… Read more »

Chrétien Action Figure

We need to make a protest. We need to do something about this! We can’t sit by and let this happen! “What”, you ask? Why, so many world leaders have an action figure and Canada is, laughably, without one. We must get on the bandwagon and be counted in! What will our American neighbours think… Read more »

The Christmas Party

The first thing I need to discuss is my shopping trip before I went to the party. I bought a lovely Poinsettia plant in an ivy hoop kind of thingee. The reason it is significant is the Feng Shui it awakens. The last time I had a poinsettia was about 5 years ago and it… Read more »

Belly Bubblers

(Photo provided by Laura Seymour) Years ago in Edmonton I started something that’s literally changed my life – teaching belly dance. I’ve met a variety of women – most of them pretty dynamic. They’ve been interested in doing something with their body that doesn’t involve hearing: “and four more, three more, two and: eight more”… Read more »


My husband’s adoptive parents refer to him constantly by the nickname Skinny. He’s one of those people who are naturally slim, just as I was. But no more. I’ve joined the world of those who whine at the mirror, or avoid it. I’m right there along with others who keep “several sizes ago” of clothes… Read more »