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Acronym Nightmares!

My hubby is fawnnnyy! He’s always saying things that trigger ideas for articles. He’s a computer and math type so I’m the one who bashes out the words:or as his PCA says, “Put together some more of those pretty words!” And here is the latest focus. What’s the main common denominator below? · I’m in… Read more »

Delivery Devils

After searching for months for sandals that I like, and won’t kill my feet, I bumped into the right ones at the start of Fall in a discount shoe store. They’re my hubby’s favourite shoe brand, Merrell. The big problem is they were a size 12 and I’m a cozy 7 ½. I began looking… Read more »

Husband or Shopping Cart?

When the hubby and I go out shopping on the week-end I often take a couple of handmade bags and leave my utility cart (sometimes known as “the old lady buggy”) in the hall closet. My regular column readers will know that we don’t own a vehicle and we are often out on foot together:well… Read more »

Abolishing the Penny

Whenever I go out around my neighbourhood I find myself picking up spare change. No, not one of those Need a Penny Take a Penny thingies. You see we don’t own a vehicle so I’m either walking or taking transit. I see the ground, and not the car in front of me. One of the… Read more »

Candida Isn’t Just a Song

Candida Albicans is, politely put, an epidemic of an intestinally based yeast infection. Before you men skip to the next article, first be aware that it affects 30% of the male population and is often sexually transmitted. Unfortunately, the numbers are a staggering 70% for females. I got educated about Candida the hard way…I had… Read more »

All Ape Films Are Not Created Equal – FILM REVIEW

A local, free-paper film reviewer wrote about the newest version of Planet of the Apes and I was foolish enough to believe the reviewer’s trashing of Mark Wahlberg and the film. The reviewer said it was a clone of the original film shot by shot and word for word! My husband decided after seeing the… Read more »

Allergic to Colour: The North American Bias!

What colour are your home’s walls? White, by any chance? If they are, fear not, you’re not alone. When Larry and I got to the point where we could become homeowners I started watching the idiot box for decorating shows. First, they’re fun. Second, they have a bunch of neat ideas for free. Third, I… Read more »

Cranio Two: Four-Day Intensive

The five days spent in Edmonton were butt kickers. I remember a similar thought running through my head during Cranio level one. It was different then– you’re a beginner and Cranio rhythm is confined to a book and maybe treatments from others. Suddenly you learn to feel them. You strain hard to “hear” the rhythm… Read more »

Gas Leaks and Bite Shift

I yanked my Jaguar suitcase along on its wheels, laden with thick textbooks and grubby laundry. I pulled it into my condo suite and slapped everything on the floor or on the dining table. I was in a vile mood. I’d been away to my second level of Craniosacral Therapy and nearly starved, and froze… Read more »