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Along with trying to learn how to play bass and making art (which involves a glorious amount of mess), I also study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, which is a Japanese martial art involving drawing and cutting with the sword, and I sing, mostly jazz.

I was delighted the day I discovered transcription. It’s generalised work not involving specialised training as medical and legal do, that covers the gamut from short recordings of people’s dream diaries, to hours-long university lectures on sociology. If I hadn’t signed an NDA I could tell you the strangest thing I’ve ever had to deal with on that job. But it’ll just have to remain a mystery! It is the first time in my many decades on this earth that I have found work that suits my education, my life experience, my knowledge, and my temperment. Working from home on a contract basis also gives me a rare, and cherished, life flexibility that allows me to pursue other things–or simply to take a nap in the middle of the day if I want to.

I do have a severe vision impairment that has impacted my life from birth. But, while it has been a mighty struggle at times in more ways than I care to go into here, it hasn’t gotten in the way of everything. With my art, even, it’s actually been somewhat of a help. It helps that I like abstract art when sometimes I can’t see the details of what I’m doing!

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#ODSPoverty: Where the D now stands for despair

Sometimes I am at a loss for words—which is a mighty rare thing for someone from the east coast who is frequently hopped up on caffeine, chocolate milk, or rage. What continues to blow my grey matter is how, in a wealthy country whose pundits praise its kindness, generosity to other nations, and other treatments… Read more »

Crossing the Floor

This article originally appeared July 4, 2008, in issue 1627. Now, we all have the right to change our minds. I do it frequently. I like a nice, fresh mind, with an ocean scent and clean sheets. Presumably, changing my mind harms no one except me, and possibly a few of my friends, and perhaps… Read more »

Click On This – Thissenthat

The variety of paths and left fields and tangents that the human mind can take is a never-ending source of amazement and joy to me. Whenever life seems to be getting a little bland, a trip through the wild works of the web is a perk. Musical Furnishings You know all those times your mom… Read more »

Crossing the Floor

Now, we all have the right to change our minds. I do it frequently. I like a nice, fresh mind, with an ocean scent and clean sheets. Presumably, changing my mind harms no one except me, and possibly a few of my friends, and perhaps the guy at the pizza shop if I decide that… Read more »

Click On This – Weirdopedia

See, I like to think of Wikipedia as a fair attempt at being the sum of all human knowledge. You just never know when you might want to get some pointers on the fine art of soap making, find out just how many versions of ?Hitler had only one left . . .? there really… Read more »

Click On This – No Sense Makes Sense

So, most days you wake up, you work, you play, you learn, you relax, you sleep to do it all again on the morrow, and you think the universe?at least your part of it?is more or less figurable. You think you’ve got things sorted, and you think you know what’s going on. Then you hit… Read more »

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I’m a big fan of the odd, the strange, the bizarre, the weird, the kooky, the mad, and the just plain fun. Here, for your amusement, bemusement, and beguilement are odd things and others who can lead you to the strange things man dreams up and makes. WebUrbanist A master of finding what is cool,… Read more »

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Of course we all want to look good, but most of the time I don’t think we give a lot of thought to what we put on our bodies each day. Here are a few glimpses into the world of wearability. Costume Collection Going as far back as the 1700s, here’s a taste of the… Read more »

Click On This – Reel/Unreel

It’s the weekend, and besides cleaning out eaves, gardening, doing the groceries, visiting family, washing the car, cleaning the house, and cooking like a demon, you might find time to fit in something social and entertaining like seeing a movie. If not, perhaps fitting in a couple of these sites will do the trick. Forget… Read more »