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Along with trying to learn how to play bass and making art (which involves a glorious amount of mess), I also study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, which is a Japanese martial art involving drawing and cutting with the sword, and I sing, mostly jazz.

I was delighted the day I discovered transcription. It’s generalised work not involving specialised training as medical and legal do, that covers the gamut from short recordings of people’s dream diaries, to hours-long university lectures on sociology. If I hadn’t signed an NDA I could tell you the strangest thing I’ve ever had to deal with on that job. But it’ll just have to remain a mystery! It is the first time in my many decades on this earth that I have found work that suits my education, my life experience, my knowledge, and my temperment. Working from home on a contract basis also gives me a rare, and cherished, life flexibility that allows me to pursue other things–or simply to take a nap in the middle of the day if I want to.

I do have a severe vision impairment that has impacted my life from birth. But, while it has been a mighty struggle at times in more ways than I care to go into here, it hasn’t gotten in the way of everything. With my art, even, it’s actually been somewhat of a help. It helps that I like abstract art when sometimes I can’t see the details of what I’m doing!

You can find me online at the places below:

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Click On This – Wordistry

Out of our mouths and pens and keyboards, words flow daily. Without them, life would be almost impossible. We are so incredibly dependant on them. We need them in ways not entirely unlike how we need air and sleep and food. Yet we don’t always appreciate them as much as we might. One Sentence How… Read more »

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I bet you were thinking that the only things that came on paper were bills and junk mail, right? Oh how wrong you are! Even good things come in dead tree format. Start Here Neat little notebooks to keep yourself organized. Paper Crafts Journals and Bookmaking A whole forum dedicated to these delights; tips, tricks,… Read more »

Click On This – Speak and Ye Shall Find

We do it every day, make it with our hands every day, do it with thousands of people throughout our lifetimes, and it is one of the most powerful things you can do with your mouth, yet it is possibly the one true gift of being human that we think the least about: talking, using… Read more »

Click On This – Mixmaster

In honour of a new mix of people on the students’ union, this week It’s a mixed bag of links. Hopefully they’ll be equally useful; and, if not, at least entertaining! The Do It Yourself Giallo Generator ?A Glass Eye on the Velvet Tapestry: Directed by Stefano Giocomonte: An American priest finds a human torso… Read more »

Click On This – Occident Prone

Canada has always prided itself on being a cultural mosaic, on being a home for even the most diverse and disparate cultural groups. This week is a foray into the Oriental, into how it functions in its native lands, and its impressions on the rest of the world. Hanzi Smatter Quite simply: dedicated to the… Read more »

Click On This – Benden Fold

It’s a deceptively simplistic art, creating such beauty from a little piece of paper; but there is so much more to it than might first appear. This week it’s a foray into the delicate world of origami?with a twist. Brian’s Origami Page A truly delightful collection of animal, insect, and other shapes to tempt your… Read more »

Click On This – Cover Up

I think one of the best things ever as a youth, was actually flipping through the racks of vinyl at a record store, a feeling that cannot be duplicated with bins of CDs. It was a large canvas, the album cover; home to colour, imagination, semi-naked humans, shaved fish (anyone who gets that reference without… Read more »

Click On This – Oddities

Most of us get up each morning, work, eat, enjoy a few pastimes or luxuries, sleep, and get up to repeat the process again the next day. Life continues contented and acceptable, and most of us never experience something truly bizarre, odd, or coincidental. Until now. Top 15 Amazing Coincidences Okay, some of That’s just… Read more »

Click On This – Listomania

I like to make lists. It started a long time ago with a little personal game a friend of mine was very fond of, and escalated bizarrely. Here, for your pleasure, are some collections of lists about all manner of things. 30 Things You Can Do With a Dollar I’ve often wondered what people did… Read more »