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Along with trying to learn how to play bass and making art (which involves a glorious amount of mess), I also study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, which is a Japanese martial art involving drawing and cutting with the sword, and I sing, mostly jazz.

I was delighted the day I discovered transcription. It’s generalised work not involving specialised training as medical and legal do, that covers the gamut from short recordings of people’s dream diaries, to hours-long university lectures on sociology. If I hadn’t signed an NDA I could tell you the strangest thing I’ve ever had to deal with on that job. But it’ll just have to remain a mystery! It is the first time in my many decades on this earth that I have found work that suits my education, my life experience, my knowledge, and my temperment. Working from home on a contract basis also gives me a rare, and cherished, life flexibility that allows me to pursue other things–or simply to take a nap in the middle of the day if I want to.

I do have a severe vision impairment that has impacted my life from birth. But, while it has been a mighty struggle at times in more ways than I care to go into here, it hasn’t gotten in the way of everything. With my art, even, it’s actually been somewhat of a help. It helps that I like abstract art when sometimes I can’t see the details of what I’m doing!

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Review Clues

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Best Test

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Blank It

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Body Break

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