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Noam Chomsky on the Climate of the Times

Magdalena has been a Voice contributor since 2004, and her articles always offer honest and compelling insights into the subjects she tackles. In this article, Magdalena shares the experience of attending a lecture by Noam Chomsky. This article originally appeared May 25, 2007, in issue 1519. I often feel that I should be more active… Read more »

Noam Chomsky on the Climate of the Times

I often feel that I should be more active in following world politics; that being fed the information passively leaves me vulnerable and uninformed. So, I resolved to read the political pieces in the national newspapers, but found them rife with bipartisan personal opinion or spin. Not my idea of being informed. Turning to the… Read more »

My Brother, My Father, My Pope

The Pope has died. As a Pole, as a young person, and as a part of the world, my heart is heavy at his loss. Everyone has a story about the man who touched millions. I am no exception. My family moved from Poland to Italy when I was a child. There I began a… Read more »

The Fragility of our Circumstance

From the very day we begin to dream, we start formulating our plan for what we shall become. We wholly embrace the long, arduous process in the belief that at the end of the road we shall prevail and become what we always knew we could be. However, here is a thought; what if one… Read more »