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International News Desk – The Point of No Return

You and I probably can’t see it happening. The sun keeps rising and setting in the sky, snow falls in the winter, and there is rain in the summer. We keep going to work, studying, and contributing to society as best we can. But the cracks have well and truly formed in our balanced world,… Read more »

International News Desk – Rabenmutter or Hausmutterchen?

A recent poll has revealed that Germany is the world leader in childless women, a statistic the country is not proud of. 30% of German women have chosen to remain childless, a fact which has prompted some radical proposals for a population boost and exposed some underlying tension in women of child-bearing age. Emma Pearse… Read more »

International News Desk – Big Brother is Watching

How much power should a government have? How about enough to administer a national health care system? How about enough to extract and redistribute wealth from all parts of a country? How about enough to monitor your telephone conversations in the name of national security? Just weeks after the discovery that U.S. President George W…. Read more »

International News Desk – Space Tourism No Joke

In December 2005, a brand new reality TV show hit the UK airwaves entitled Space Cadets. Hailed as “the biggest prank in television history; the biggest hoax in space,” (Channel 4) the program tricked an entire group of people into believing they were undergoing a bona fide space tourism training program in Russia, followed by… Read more »

Pub Night with Jack Layton

Mandy Gardner began writing for the Voice in 2005 with a focus on Canadian politics and cultural diversity. An occasional contributor at first, Mandy has since become a weekly contributor with her short news column, International News Desk, which focuses on a broad range of newsworthy topics from the current events pages that are just… Read more »

International News Desk – Montreal Says ‘No’!

It’s the topic of the millennium: Climate change. The earth is getting hotter and it looks like big industry is at least partially to blame. Smokestacks, exhaust pipes and cute red-brick chimneys are pouring out greenhouse gases that trap heat and warm the planet – hurricanes, droughts and rising sea-levels are just the beginning of… Read more »