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International News Desk – Pleasing Results at the Aboriginal Summit

Paul Martin has promised $5 billion to various Aboriginal groups following last week’s First Ministers Meeting (FMM) in Kelowna. The Summit included representatives from Aboriginal Canadian populations as well as government officials. On the agenda were four major issues: Native housing, education, health care and relationships. After the two-day summit (November 24-25) National Chief of… Read more »

International News Desk – What’s the Big Deal, eh?

An alleged CNN report entitled, “What’s the Big Deal, eh?” has enraged Canadians coast-to-coast in its flippant coverage of the softwood lumber dispute. The United States (US) owes Canada $5 billion in taxes that were illegally imposed (according to North American Free Trade Agreement rules), and it looks like Americans just couldn’t care less about… Read more »

International News Desk – Buy Nothing Day

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements for everything from breath-mints to house insurance, sneakers to pet medication, all full of colour and at a vibrancy that makes us want to go out and buy the latest weight loss meals even if we look just fine. These items are all products of slick marketing campaigns… Read more »

Is It Time to Abolish the Monarchy?

She’s on our money. She’s at our national celebrations. Her image adorns stamps and government offices and at every public assembly we sing a half-hearted ode to her health and longevity. But what does the Queen and her family actually do for Canada? For years and years, it seems the same argument has raged on…. Read more »

Oui ou Non? Is Our New Governor General a Quebec Sovereigntist?

On Paul Martin’s recommendation, Michaelle Jean will become Canada’s 27th Governor General on October 1st, an appointment that comes with widespread dispute. The question at the forefront of most Canadians’ minds is, “Is Jean a Quebec sovereigntist?” Rumour has it that she voted in support for Quebec’s independence during the 1995 sovereignty referendum. The Haitian… Read more »

Bismillah, Why Here?

We must keep up some semblance of normal life. If we were to cancel our plans, hide in our homes and cower in fear, the terrorists will have got what they wanted! So say the British as London was bombed twice in these past weeks. Where other cities and other nations would be erupting with… Read more »

The G8 Agenda – Is It Relevent?

In anticipation of the G8 (Group of Eight) summit in Edinburgh next month, U.K. (United Kingdom) Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) Gordon Brown has revealed his grand plan to eliminate African third world debt. He wants to essentially strike all debts from the record, giving struggling nations a chance to build a strong and… Read more »