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Election Special – Mandy Gardner

Some day in the not too distant future, we may be off to the ballot boxes again. Casting that vote is not something to be taken lightly; the outcome affects our entire country. Before we all head off yet again to the polls, perhaps an overview of the past election results may be helpful. Better… Read more »

Pub Night with Jack Layton

The evening of April 2nd offered a unique opportunity to anyone willing to partake of it. Jack Layton invited the occupants of a packed Convocation Hall out for drinks. The invitation followed a superb lecture given by Dr. David Suzuki at the University of Toronto. The event was presented by Layton and his New Democratic… Read more »

Lobbying for Canadian Sovereignty

The Council of Canadians (COC) is calling for donations and the support of Canadians again, and this time the issue is sovereignty over Canadian water. Centered in Ottawa since 1985, the COC is a non-partisan organization concerned with presenting national issues to the citizens of Canada. In the recent past, the COC has successfully lobbied… Read more »

Aboriginal Representation In Canadian Government

Earlier this March, the Liberal Party of Canada held their biennial convention in Ottawa. Party members and commissions from all over the country attended and took the opportunity to make their voices heard. Aside from giving party members an opportunity to socialize, the convention gave the Liberal Party the chance to re-evaluate its official policies… Read more »

Free the West

Ours is a multicultural country with a strong sense of national unity. Canadians coast to coast embrace diversity in a way that is reflected by the governments’ bilingual and tolerant immigration policies. We as citizens value and are clearly proud of our country. So why, then, is there a prominently displayed sign along Highway 2… Read more »