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Five Ways to Problem Solve for Academic Success

We all have problems.  There exist both logical and irrational ways to solve them.  There exist emotional or loving ways to solve them, too.  Perhaps the best way to solve problems is with a model.  Models are tried and true and lead to a higher probability of success. Let’s use the problem-solving models from Life… Read more »

The Ups and Downs of Super Fitness

Exercise has its upside, as we all know: fitness, health, energy, longevity.  But did you know exercise has not just an upside, but a downside, too? Here are the downsides of being super fit, according to my personal experiences: #1 downside: The more I lifted weights (but did no cardio), the more I got called… Read more »

The Study Dude—Four Signs of an Amateurish Essay

Most grad students don’t know how to write.  At least, I’ve read this claim in books and heard it from a professor.  My thesis was written worse than any undergrad paper I ever wrote.  The further I climbed the Tower of Babel, the less I knew. Universities don’t commonly teach students the basic skills of… Read more »


Have you ever noticed that almost every motivational clip features athletes? You see athletes training in the gym, disabled athletes pushing beyond limits, and athletes almost giving up but moving beyond. You also hear the mantras, “Don’t quit,” and, “Pick yourself up,” and, “Do it when you don’t feel like it.” Controlling our physical beings… Read more »