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I’m Marie Well, as in healthy well. At least, that’s my aim—to get well and make you well. We all have woes, from breakups to cancer to hoarder houses. I’m here to fix those woes—with tips mixed with my own tales.

Why read me? I’ve got a track record of fixin’ stuff. I’ve cured myself of anxiety. For a decade, I had anxiety attacks that struck almost daily. When not stricken, I’d write Voice articles, mostly on how to combat stress.

And then my world changed. One week went by with no attacks. A month. A year. Two years. And counting.

Now, I want to skyrocket our health—and bolster our creativity. After all, nothing soothes better than strokes of paint or tones of music or reps in a gym.

So, let’s get fit, creative, and well with Marie Well.

What is Behind the Pro-Hamas University Protests?

After viewing a random number of university school newspapers, I noticed that the student newspapers seem to be primarily pro-Palestine.  Despite this, one student newspaper story said that the Palestinian perspective was being silenced in the media.  But all I see in my LinkedIn are the atrocities from the Palestinian perspective and nothing from the… Read more »

Our Potential is Beyond What we Realize

There is no limit to human potential, but I believe it needs to be a certain “kind.”  For instance, I now qualify for roles paying nearly a quarter million.  However, I don’t plan on leaving my company, as I have pledged lifelong loyalty to my employer and his family.  I plan to learn as much… Read more »

I Study Dying

I study dying.  Every day before work, I watch at least 10 to 20 minutes of near-death experience (NDE) videos.  These videos are accounts of people who have died temporarily, often due to cardiac arrest, and claim to have temporarily entered the heaven realm.  In that realm, they usually may experience pure, unconditional love, vibrant… Read more »

Life is Like a Vacation

Life here on earth is meant to be a vacation.  I watched a documentary called After Death, which featured a woman who had a near-death experience as one of the interview subjects.  She said she realized from her moments in heaven that this earthly existence is like a vacation, where we come to this world to… Read more »

Non-invasive Cosmetic Surgery without the Surgery—and On a Budget

Cosmetic surgery can lead to complications and even death.  I’ve heard stories that breast implants can lead to severe health conditions, which is why many women have them removed.  I wouldn’t opt for invasive or non-invasive cosmetic surgeries such as chemical peels or cool-sculpting (for fat reduction).  So, what can we do to enhance our… Read more »

Everyone Is Welcome, Cherished, and Loved at AU

Our Jewish friends are welcome and loved at AU.  Everyone is, so here is a loving welcome to AU to our Jewish, Arabic, White, Black, and all other identity friends.  I especially want our Jewish friends to feel welcome here, as they are being wrongly persecuted.  No one, and especially no group, should be persecuted…. Read more »

Ways We Can Be of Service to Others

Selflessness should be the next wave of academic ideology.  That’s because present-day ideology emphasizes self-interest too much.  I’m speaking from my experiences with feminist ideology and the psychology curriculum.  These ideologies and the Western model seem fixated on meeting the needs of the self before meeting those of others.  And I believe that makes life… Read more »

Toxic Positivity is not All in the Mind, but in the Flawed Model

Toxic positivity is the pressure to stay upbeat despite dire circumstances, which prevents us from feeling natural emotions.  But are emotions natural, and should we let them all hang out?  Author Paul Friedman believes emotions are a byproduct of the body’s drive to survive, like a defense mechanism.  Moreover, he advances the position that a… Read more »

How Best Not to Take Criticisms Personally

If people say we can’t achieve something, ask what traits they feel prevent us from doing so.  And then, consider following the system I describe below to maximize our performance, regardless of our shortcomings.  The following stories illustrate how not to get blindsided by naysayers but instead maximize our potential. A long time ago, when… Read more »

My Disturbing Experience with a 9-11 Protest

Shortly after the Twin Towers in the United States were plummeted to the ground by the 9/11 terrorist attack, I saw a poster about it on the wall of my university.  It held a picture of a young Arabic child, a girl, holding a white doll, sitting in rubble from a war-torn home, hatred in… Read more »