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I’m Marie Well, as in healthy well. At least, that’s my aim—to get well and make you well. We all have woes, from breakups to cancer to hoarder houses. I’m here to fix those woes—with tips mixed with my own tales.

Why read me? I’ve got a track record of fixin’ stuff. I’ve cured myself of anxiety. For a decade, I had anxiety attacks that struck almost daily. When not stricken, I’d write Voice articles, mostly on how to combat stress.

And then my world changed. One week went by with no attacks. A month. A year. Two years. And counting.

Now, I want to skyrocket our health—and bolster our creativity. After all, nothing soothes better than strokes of paint or tones of music or reps in a gym.

So, let’s get fit, creative, and well with Marie Well.

Meeting the Minds – Interviewing Dr. Tony Simmons

The following is an interview with Dr. Tony Simmons, a self-defined Hysterical Materialist. Dr. Simmons is a member of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and, as his self-written AU faculty listing says, he “has pursued a troubled and an undistinguished career at Athabasca University since 1981.” What are some of your most memorable… Read more »

The Fit Student – Are You an Expert?

Want to consider yourself an expert? Than do something that K. Anders Ericsson, author of Peak, calls “purposeful practice.” Purposeful practice leads to better results than mindless repetitive practice. In fact, according to Ericsson, long-term, repetitive practice can sometimes deteriorate rather than improve skills. Ericsson says no known limitation to human potential has been discovered…. Read more »

Course Exam – Engl 384 – Writing Creative Non-Fiction

Dr. Angie Abdou, the tutor and course coordinator of English 384, provides us a look at what’s involved in English 384, and the type of people who succeed at it. What is the course English 384: Writing Creative Non-fiction about? In English 384, students learn the theory and craft of Creative Nonfiction (CNF). CNF is… Read more »

The Fit Student – A Recipe for Success

Toughen up the fun way: through happy friends, bubble baths, and big dreams. And if these things also make you more productive, then the wind just tugged your sail. Gail Wagnild, in her book True Resilience, reveals how friends, rest, and goals make you a better?more resilient?person. Find Fulfilling Friends Friendships strengthen you. Happy friends… Read more »

Meeting the Minds – Dr. Angie Abdou, Part II

Dr. Angie Abdou is an assistant professor in the English department, specializing in creative writing. Her creative writing has won various awards and media recognition. What pedagogical standpoint is most reflective of your way of teaching? Dr. Abdou: Again, that comes back to the pedagogy of me seeing myself as a mentor and a partner…. Read more »

The Fit Student – Self-Reliance

What is self-reliance? Well, the ability to rely on yourself. Self-reliant people have the advantage of always having themselves to turn to when life’s troubles hit or even when life’s highlights shake things up. While relying on others can help us with coping, I used to rely on others for comfort, for decision-making, and for… Read more »

Meeting the Minds – Dr. Angie Abdou

Dr. Angie Abdou is an assistant professor in the English department, specializing in creative writing. Dr. Abdou’s own creative writing has won awards and media recognition. Please fill us in on the range of course you have taught or designed at Athabasca. Dr. Abdou: I am in charge of the writing courses, primarily. I do… Read more »

The Fit Student – Tools to Tough it Out

Tough out your dreams. Gail Wagnild, author of True Resilience, says, “Even if the road to your dreams is difficult, keep going because it will get easier and the knowledge that you can do it will grow” (p. 62). Some people get knocked down, spat upon, and kicked around, yet keep busting their hump. How… Read more »

Course Exam – Comp 266, Introduction to Web Programming

Dr. Dron, course designer of COMP 266, Introduction to Web Programming, provides an interview on what makes his course unique from so many others at AU. What makes the course particularly interesting to you as the creator, the designer, or the instructor? The challenge of building social pedagogies into a fairly dry, skill-based subject and,… Read more »

The Fit Student – Managing Your Mind

Standing on the scale, I hit my target weight. Yet nothing feels different. I long to have that high?that feeling of exhilaration?that is supposed to happen when you skinny down. So, I aim for a lower weight?that is until I feel weak and lifeless, until I see a picture of a boney dying soul that… Read more »