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I’m Marie Well, as in healthy well. At least, that’s my aim—to get well and make you well. We all have woes, from breakups to cancer to hoarder houses. I’m here to fix those woes—with tips mixed with my own tales.

Why read me? I’ve got a track record of fixin’ stuff. I’ve cured myself of anxiety. For a decade, I had anxiety attacks that struck almost daily. When not stricken, I’d write Voice articles, mostly on how to combat stress.

And then my world changed. One week went by with no attacks. A month. A year. Two years. And counting.

Now, I want to skyrocket our health—and bolster our creativity. After all, nothing soothes better than strokes of paint or tones of music or reps in a gym.

So, let’s get fit, creative, and well with Marie Well.

The Creative Spark! – Change the World with Metaphors

Do you want the secret to creative breakthroughs? Do you want to write original essays? Books? Theses? Deep within, we all do. The hunger to think creatively hides in the heart of humankind. But some people bubble over with innovation after innovation: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking. How do they do it? Dr. Roberta… Read more »

The Fit Student – Warp Speed the Mormon Way

What if you could warp speed toward success? I mean, go from student to celebrity overnight? Well, it’s possible. Shane Snow shows how in his book Smartcuts. He tells how game developers create “Warp Tunnels”?holes hurling players from world to world?in a flash. Why? For debugging purposes. So, warp tunnels exist in games, says Snow…. Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Read Out Loud

“The most productive writers typically write several times a week for one to three hours per session” (Hartley and Braithwaite, 1989; Kellog, 1994 as cited in Sword, 2017). And I thought it took 10,000 hours to write like a star. Whew. But how do you write like a hero? Well, write in any way that… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Plot Your Passing

What if you plotted your own passing?literary style? You’re given three criteria: you begin with two initial scenes and a final scene. Well, That’s a way to start plotting, suggests Elizabeth Sims, author of You’ve Got a Book in You: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of your Dreams. Once you got these three… Read more »

The Fit Student – Clean Your Castle

My life used to be a mess, literally. After work, panic scared me stiff. On arriving home, I’d startle as I slammed the gate. In time, the gate unhinged. Once inside my home, I’d brawl with sprawling Starbucks cups, books, and DVDs. Next, I’d unsteadily snatch my thesis as loose-leaf fluttered to the floor. The… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Brain Hurricanes

Do you think brainstorming makes a difference? At university, I threw in bizarre brainstorm ideas to look quick-witted. Everything goes, right? My professor jotted down my brainstorms, then erased them, squinting and shaking his head. The class howled and heckled, puffed up with one up on the apple shiner. Today, I glorify lists. Lists for… Read more »

The Fit Student – Fun Games out of Fitness

When you dream of exercise, do you imagine jumping jacks? Dull. Or do you dream of racing BMX bikes, playing underwater hockey, or dancing Bollywood? Ah, now you’re thinking like an athlete. In other words, make fitness fun. With the support of a super fit friend, after years of flab, I got toned. I carried… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Whacked by Flying Bras

Do you know your hobbies gone-by haunt as idle callings? Yesterday, my brother prodded me to paint. He coaxed me by offering cash for my “dreamlike” creations. You see, when I was a teen, he dedicated a room to my painting. He bought me easels, acrylics, oils, brushes, and varnishes. I painted Billy Idol with… Read more »

The Fit Student – A Gift at Prom

When life gives you an F, a gift manifests. When life scares more than Prom Night III, overcome anxiety. Stress sharpens or shuts us down. During math tests, my stress fueled focus. I often made perfect grades. Yet perfectionism is a double-dealing friend. It opens the floodgates for fears of failure. Workplace stress struck as… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Grow a Shakespearean Beard

Do you dream of writing like Shakespeare on uppers? I’d like to write with a multiple personality disorder: a circle of Edgar Allen Poe, James Patterson, and, by necessity, me. Writing can be like music, I was told, even if someone can clunk out the basic chords, there’s something more to being a virtuoso. And… Read more »