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Fiction Feature – Silly

Marilyn Oprisan was the first AU student to respond to our call for submissions for the Voice Fiction Feature, introduced this year. While some readers have felt that fiction is superfluous in a university publication, overall the response to this column has been excellent, and the number of students eager to submit their fiction grows… Read more »

Fiction Feature – Churchyard

Send your fiction to All forms of short fiction are accepted, from poetry, to plays, to short stories in all genres. I’m convinced that people who live in Stratford-upon-Avon shouldn’t be allowed to get married. This is not to consign all the residents of Shakespeare’s hometown to lives of sin, but rather to protect… Read more »

Fiction Feature – Silly

The chicken smelled done. On the next commercial Fay eased her knitting off her lap, groaned herself to her feet and went off to the kitchen. Her daughter-in-law used a meat thermometer to see if a chicken was done. Young people were so silly. She was a good daughter-in-law though; she and Fay’s older boy… Read more »

Fiction Feature – Midnight Sun

This week, The Voice is pleased to present another instalment of Student Fiction from new Voice contributor, Marilyn Oprisan. To learn more about Marilyn, read her bio in AU Profiles, this issue. The King’s Creek outpost was far enough north that in summer there was neither warmth nor darkness. The half-dozen Mounties stationed there were… Read more »